COLD October 28

Gardner’s Bond (16)

The back blurb explains that the action in COLD takes place both before and after “Seafire” and “Never Send Flowers” which I originally thought was very odd given that “Seafire” precedes “Never Send Flowers”. However the action is in two parts – the first part “Cold Front” precedes “Seafire” and “Never Send Flowers” and the […]

BR October 23

The Hunger Games / Catching Fire (movies)

Whatever Lovefilm is called now sent me “The Hunger Games” and I had “Catching Fire” queued up on Netflix for when this happened. It happened. What happened? A double-bill of Katniss Everdeen that’s what happened. I was prepared to be disappointed by “The Hunger Games” having heard mixed reviews from my friends, but I enjoyed […]

PKD October 22

Philip K Dick – Lies, Inc.

This book is typical PKD fare in that it involves parallel worlds, simulacra (androids to you and I), alien races, propaganda, and drugs – this time overtly identified as LSD. It also features a timeless book that is kept bang up to date by unseen powers and is used by key characters in much the […]

magpie_mod October 17

Catching Fire

I have to admit that I wasn’t expecting a lot from ‘Catching Fire’ by Suzanne Collins having not been blown away by ‘The Hunger Games’ (see previous post). However, something happened to Collins in between writing the first and second volume of this now acclaimed (thanks to the movies) trilogy for young adults. I don’t […]

magpie_in_amsterdam October 10

Mary and the Giant

This post is only partially about the Philip K Dick book I have just finished reading and perhaps more about what I do with my days off. Or how I waste them perhaps? “Mary and the Giant” is one of Dick’s non-science fiction novels in the same kind of vein as “In Milton Lumky Territory” […]

my_second_manga_face October 07

Manga Studio 5

Having watched numerous tutorial videos, read a lot of reviews and listened to my sister for once I finally realised that Manga Studio 5 might be something I could use to draw some cartoon stuff. It is very early days but here is my second Manga face (the first is too bad to post): This […]

NESBO_redbreast October 07

The Redbreast – Jo Nesbo

Harry Hole is back on his home turf of Oslo for this story which has a rather engaging and complex WWII back-story. Having spotted the illegal import of a type of rifle usually reserved for assassins, Hole is trying to track down the buyer while a series of murders appears to be related to his […]


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