B_C November 28

Mad Max: Fury Road

To say this film is visually stunning and action-packed is a gross understatement and somewhat of a disservice to legendary director George Miller. This film is spectacular in almost every way a film can be and one of the best, if not the best action film I have seen this year and lord knows I’ve […]

books3 November 24

99p Kindle Sale

All my books including my brand new collection The Sun and the Rainfall are now selling for 99p each, or if you’re in the US $0.99. Elsewhere on the planet they’re also as cheap as chips, so what are you waiting for? Christmas?

TSATR-front-cover-for-blog November 21

Out Now: The Sun and the Rainfall

I’m pleased to announce that my collection of short stories (and a little bit of poetry) is now available on Amazon in Kindle format and in printed form via Lulu. There’s a load of insight on the dedicated page for The Sun and the Rainfall. Enjoy!  

Spectre November 19


The Bond films of late have always seemed to come out around my birthday which makes a trip to the cinema a bit of a no-brainer for my birthday celebrations. It’s not without a certain amount of concern that I entered the deserted and cold cinema with Siggy on a windswept Sunday in that wonderful […]

PKD_bubble November 19

Philip K Dick – The Broken Bubble

Like most of Dick’s non sci-fi novels The Broken Bubble was published posthumously. As with his other non-genre outings this centres on American life in the middle of the 1950s, and in this case on the interaction between a couple of teenage newlyweds Art and Rachael and a couple of divorcees Jim and Pat. The […]

KING November 08


For a die-hard King fan like me this book is a delight. Taking some cues from Frankenstein, with a little soupçon of Cthuluism towards the end, this is a really impressive tale of one man’s obsession with electricity told from the point of view of a very well-constructed and interesting main character. There are some […]

poem2 November 02

Falling Down

I can feel it A barely hidden momentum To my life No matter what pleasures arrive It haunts me This chill in my bones That no amount of sunshine and laughter Can remove I am falling Down It seems as natural as gravity And I am too weak to fight it Back again down a […]


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