J April 10

Alphabetical CD Marathon: J

In a parallel universe this post is where I wax lyrical about the joys of listening to Manchester-indie-masters James. However, in this universe that we inhabit together I’m not going to. I relegated all the albums I have by James into my secondary not-so-good collection a year or so ago – perhaps the last time […]

IMG_2649 March 30

A Handful of London Street Art

Most of this stuff, unless otherwise stated is within quick walking distance from the very funky Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch. I didn’t go out of my way to find this stuff, it just happened to me and I guess that’s the joy of grafitti – or as this kind of quality stuff has become known - street art.  and […]

I March 30


Natalie Imbruglia has done four albums but I lost interest after two. ‘Torn’ was the big hit single from Left of the Middle, the worst kept secret was that it was a cover version but it’s no less of a great song for that. A lot of the album tracks borrow their sound from other […]

Lucky_front March 28

That covers it

I keep plugging away at writing ‘Lucky’ when I get clear breathing space from all the other things that take up my time. Luckily (‘scuse pun) I have had a few Fridays off work recently to use up my annual quota of leave and this has given me the opportunity to finish a proper first draft […]

Solo March 14

The name’s Boyd, William Boyd

I read William Boyd’s ‘Solo’ as an overpriced large format paperback bought in some offer or other at an airport. The story continues with depicting Bond as envisioned by Ian Fleming and is therefore set in the late 1960’s with everyone’s favourite spy a veteran of WWII. Boyd does an excellent job of capturing the […]

H March 10


The H section of my physical music collection consists of albums by only three artists – Calvin Harris, The Hives and The Happy Mondays. I was never a huge fan of The Happy Mondays seeing them as the least sincere and musically talented component of the short-lived Manchester music scene – I was busy listening to […]

deacon March 07

Richard Deacon @ Tate Britain

I went to the Tate Britain with one thing in my mind. I asked at the information desk where I would find ‘The Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke’ and the well-informed chap told me in what room I was likely to find it. The reason to find this oddly titled painting is explained in a previous […]

creed March 03

Martin Creed @ The Hayward Gallery

Martin Creed’s exhibition ‘What’s the point of it?’ at the Hayward Gallery appeared to be hell-bent on testing the limits of art to breaking point. ‘Half the air in a given space’ – an installation in which you are invited to enter a room full of white balloons and experience claustrophobia, disorientation and inordinate amounts […]

G February 21

Alphabetical CD Marathon: G

Lady Gaga’s The Fame or the blatant money-grabbing extra track reissue Fame Monster is her best album and nothing she has done since has come close. There are a few tracks on Born This Way and ARTPOP that stand above the rest e.g. ‘Edge of Glory’ and ‘Dope’, but on the whole the albums are lacklustre […]

book February 13

Embassytown – China Mieville

This book has restored my faith in Mieville as one of the leading lights of modern sci-fi. With the sad loss of Iain M. Banks it was great relief to find that Mieville is still more than capable of creating truly original ‘proper sci-fi’ without any of the fantasy trimmings that have irritated me with […]


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