IamAman May 03

Encounters and Collisions @ Nottingham Contemporary

The title of the exhibition, which runs from 3 April to 14 June, is a translation from the Italian incontri e scontri from the work of the same title by Alighiero Boetti. Boetti who was a leading figure in the Italian Arte Povera movement in the late Sixties. Boetti is one of forty-five artists chosen by […]

NESBO_redeemer April 27

Jo Nesbo – The Redeemer

I was so impressed with Nesbo’s writing that I began reading “The Redeemer” immediately on completion of the earlier Harry Hole novel “The Devil’s Star”. Being a big Bond fan I was not surprised that Hole’s relationship with Rakel has come to an end between the books. The idea that Hole had finally got his […]

Queen April 26

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Q (Part 1)

Queen’s debut album wasn’t the first I owned. The blame for my interest in Queen lies squarely on my dad’s shoulders for letting me have Queen Greatest Hits on vinyl. From an obsession with that compilation came a desire to own the back catalogue on vinyl, which I managed to satisfy at the price of […]

CDa2z_P9 April 14

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 9)

Prince My earliest recollection of hearing the music of the diminutive purple (or is it peach and black?) pop deity is listening to “When Doves Cry” on my dad’s car radio – we used to listen to the UK Top 40 on the way home from my Nan’s, or if we were late I used […]

fast7 April 12

Fast & Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7 is a ridiculous film continuing the habit of ignoring real physics in favour of entertainment. There are cars dropping on simple parachutes from transport planes to land perfectly on a road surrounded by trees, a hypercar ‘flying’ between the Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi (perhaps powered by hot air), and retired […]

CDa2z_P8 April 10

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 8)

Okay, so here’s the thing – I’ve been pretty distracted musically by all the cool stuff I have never heard on Spotify, so while I have been carrying on with my musical marathon it has been going rather slowly and I have only just finished with ‘P’. the other thing is that, even though I […]


Jo Nesbo – The Devil’s Star

Before you read this I just want give a little warning – there will be spoilers in here – some small but one whopper so please exercise caution depending on how much you hate spoilers if you haven’t already read this book. For a bit of a different tack on things I’m going to try […]


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