imitation_game November 18

The Imitation Game

The movie’s title refers to the famous Turing test touted as a true test of any artificial intelligence – ask a series of questions and based on the responses try to figure out whether the thing answering is human or a machine imitating a human. It has a double meaning when used here as Turing […]

SubstanceD November 11

A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly is one of my best-loved PKD books and also one of my favourite film adaptations. The book is a remarkably humorous near-future tale of an undercover Orange County police anti-narcotics agent known simply as Fred to his colleagues and as Bob Arctor to the dopeheads and Substance D addicts he lives with. […]

interstellar November 09


Interstellar is the story of an ex-NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) turned farmer who gets the chance to pilot a spacecraft into a wormhole to try and help find a planet capable of supporting life in another galaxy. In accepting his mission he has to leave his young son and daughter (Murph) behind with the […]

need_for_speed_drawn_logo November 06

Need for Speed (Movie)

I saw this film earlier in the year minus the sound on a holiday flight. It’s much better with the sound. I had earplugs but the audio socket on my chair didn’t work properly, also having watched about an hour I decided to look away and not watch any more. The reason was that even […]

zapgun November 05

Philip K Dick – The Zap Gun

The Zap Gun is a mightily engaging read and tells the story of a man, the Dickensianly named character Lars Powderdry, tasked by the West-bloc government with coming up with new and frightful weapon designs which he sketches out during drug fuelled trances. By agreement with Peep-East (the other great superpower in this rendering of […]

N October 31

Alphabetical CD Marathon: N

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin I went to see Neds a number of times while I was at university – probably as many times as Carter. I also had numerous tee-shirts – like Iron Maiden I think the band made more money from their tee-shirt sales than they did from their music. My particular favourite is pictured […]

Winona2 October 30

Ryder Revisited / Homefront

It used to be that if I was going to pick up my pencils and do a drawing of a woman then the woman would be Winona Ryder and old habits die hard I guess even if I’m now firmly in the digital art space. This picture was created by reference to a collage of […]


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