Queen May 24

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – News of the World

News of the World is another Queen album that I originally owned on vinyl. It had a magnificent gatefold sleeve featuring the science fiction artwork of Frank Kelly Freas and is one of my favourite album covers of any band. A giant robot with a rather blank expression seems to be wreaking havoc at a […]

book May 22

Sheri S. Tepper – Grass

The version of Grass I have is part of the Sci-fi Masterworks series by Gollancz which includes selected works from PKD, Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke etc. I picked it up from a charity shop for a couple of quid having been drawn to it by the distinctive yellow branding on the spine, not really knowing what […]

controllers May 18

May Movies

What’s that I hear you say? “That couchmagpie guy hasn’t blogged about films for ages…” Is that right? Well okay. Just to re-balance my leanings towards music and books here’s my thoughts on some of the films I have been watching recently via Netflix, Amazon, Lovefilm and Film 4 on that outmoded thing called ‘proper’ […]

PKD_vulcans_hammer May 17

Philip K Dick – Vulcan’s Hammer

Coming in at around one hundred and thirty pages Philip K Dick’s 1960 story Vulcan’s Hammer is fast read and ripe for a big screen adaptation. It already reads like a sci-fi blockbuster film script and in the mind’s eye is visually stunning. Dick’s pulp-fiction pacing during the action sequences is excellent and while his […]

Queen May 14

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races is my forgotten Queen album. I didn’t buy it on vinyl and I didn’t buy it on cassette so apart from the singles that were on Greatest Hits, which I listened to ad infinitum, a lot of the songs seem unfamiliar to me even now. Even after having owned it […]

Queen May 11

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – A Night at the Opera

I bought A Night at the Opera on vinyl for £4 from the same record shop in Rhyl that I got Sheer Heart Attack from, a long time before I bought it on CD. “Death On Two Legs (Dedicated to….)” is dedicated to Queen’s ex-manager, Norman Sheffield, who allegedly abused his role as their manager from […]

Queen May 10

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – Sheer Heart Attack

I bought Sheer Heart Attack on vinyl for the princely sum of £4 in Rhyl on November 1st 1986. It was also the same day I saw the film Highlander at the cinema with friends and a very recent ex-girlfriend sitting with her friends a few rows behind me. You can read more about my […]


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