Titus_Groan February 10

Mervyn Peake – Gormenghast

Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast is the second in the trilogy. The story follows Titus Groan through his childhood years and into his teens as he develops a severe grudge against the weight of the rituals and expectations placed upon him as the 77th Earl of Groan and Lord of Gormenghast Castle. He escapes the confines on […]

penguin February 07

Two Translations

I’m a few books down the line since I wrote anything about what I am reading. In this post I’ll just share my thoughts on two of the books that both happen to be translations in English. Firstly I read an ‘advanced reading proof’ of Six Four by Japanese author Hideo Yokoyama that I got […]

IMG_0250 January 26

Deepening the dent

A rundown on what’s been causing the bum-shaped dent in my leather sofa to get deeper – popcorn kernels of opinion on the various movies I have seen this month.

sky-jan-2016 January 24

Ramble one

So I guess I really should have done a post before now to mark my continued intent to ramble on this year, but I’ve been a bit busy with work. A week in Norway right at the start of the year being a particular low or highlight depending on whether you caught me shivering in […]

sand_trooper December 31

2015: retrospection

Although I have long since ditched the idea of making new year’s resolutions there is a certain amount of seemingly unavoidable retrospection that occurs at the end of the year. I thought this year that it might make a reasonably engaging, if random, blog post. So what have I learnt this year? Music subscription versus […]

Queen December 31

A Kind of Magic

A Kind of Magic is the musical backbone of the film Highlander and I can’t listen to it without my mind conjuring up images of Connor MacLeod fighting the Kurgan. It wasn’t an official soundtrack like their album Flash Gordon was, but most of the songs appeared in the film along with a bit of […]

IMGP1080 December 31

The Force Awakens (again)

So… after I had calmed down a bit (aided by Christmas food, drink and merriment) I went back and saw Star Wars Episode VII again. This time in 3D. I don’t like 3D films but I thought it might add an extra element of fun to the proceedings. I also went to my local flea-pit […]


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