IMG_0291 August 20

Bond in Motion @ London Film Museum

The London Film Museum is around the corner from Covent Garden on Wellington Street and has a boxed-in basement feel, but the exhibition team did a marvellous job of displaying the various iconic Bond vehicles, accessories, video screens and artwork. I was so happy to have stumbled across this exhibition on a night out with friends […]

nesbo August 19

Cockroaches – Jo Nesbo

15 years after its original publication in Norwegian, “Cockroaches” was published in the UK in time for fans’ Christmas wish lists in 2013. I was given it by a very friendly chap at my hotel in Skiathos, but put off reading it until I could read “The Bat” – subject of a previous post. “Cockroaches” […]

IMG_0197_sq August 17

More Art @ London

In addition to our visit to Tate Britain which I covered in my previous post Siggy and I also visited the Saatchi Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery and The Photographer’s Gallery.   The Saatchi Gallery is situated off Duke of York Square which is itself situated off Sloane Square on the edge of Chelsea. We […]

20140816_113414 August 16

Hit & Miss @ Tate Britain

Siggy and I didn’t go to see the “British Folk Art” exhibition – the picture of the chicken and my imaginings of a load of dull pots and poor paintings put me off. We went instead to see the permanent collection that we so rudely ignored last time we came – the delights of John […]

xbox_X August 12

Batman – Arkham Origins

Well the first thing to say about this game is that it is very similar to the other two Arkham games in what is now a trilogy despite it being written by a different games company and as such I enjoyed it. As I have said before, I am not an OCD gamer and so […]

Lucky_front August 05


Today I released my eighth novel. There has to come a point where your willing to release the bird you’ve been nurturing from when it pecked its way out of its egg; throw the thing up in the air and see if it flies. There’s only so much rewriting I can take. I went through the usual test […]

nesbo August 01

The Bat – Jo Nesbo

This is hardly a masterpiece of modern thriller writing but I thought it was okay as a debut novel. ‘The Bat’ introduced the character of Norwegian detective Harry Hole to the world, or at least it would have had it been published worldwide in 1997. As it happens it took until 2012 for this to […]


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