NESBO_Snowman June 16

Do you want to build a snowman?

After reading Jo Nesbo’s The Snowman I’d rather not if it’s all the same. Snowmen are now up there with clowns and those giants in Attack on Titan in terms of things that freak me out. Harry Hole our plucky Norwegian police inspector is still flirting dangerously with alcohol and his on-and-off-and-on-again lady friend Rakel […]

writing June 15

6 more tips for checking what you’ve written

Some call it proof reading, some copy editing, I call it checking what you’ve written again. As a follow up to my recent blog post 6 tips for checking what you’ve written, here are six more points I forgot to make first time around: 1. Learn from your mistakes If you’re like me; human, fallible, […]

writing June 12

6 tips for checking what you’ve written

Some call it proof reading, some copy editing, I call it checking what you’ve written. When do you check what you’ve written? I like to do this when I have the bulk of a chapter or short story written. I rely on Word’s in built spell checker and grammar checker to pick me up as […]

Queen June 09

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – Live Killers / Flash Gordon

Live Killers It’s nice to read on t’interweb that the thunder that precedes the exclamation ‘You’re dead!’ on the Jazz track “Dead on Time” was recorded by May on a portable recorder during a big storm rather than just lifted from stock recordings. It’s used again on the opening of the Live Killers concert before […]

IMG_0695 June 08

Terry Pratchett – Raising Steam

This book has Moist von Lipwig as the main character. Fans of Pratchett will remember him from ‘Making Money’ and ‘Going Postal’ in which he was under orders from the Patrician, Lord Vetineri, to become head of the Royal Bank and the Post Office respectively. As you can easily guess from the title this tale […]

Queen June 03

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – Jazz

“Mustapha” is a catchy and frankly odd opening track written by Freddie Mercury in various languages including Arabic, Persian and English and with some potentially nonsense words that give it a ‘Hebrew Rock’ vibe. Mustapha, Ibrahim, Allah and salaam alaikum and alaikum salaam are obviously the real McCoy – ‘As-Salaam-Alaikum’ is an Arabic greeting meaning […]

Queen May 24

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – News of the World

News of the World is another Queen album that I originally owned on vinyl. It had a magnificent gatefold sleeve featuring the science fiction artwork of Frank Kelly Freas and is one of my favourite album covers of any band. A giant robot with a rather blank expression seems to be wreaking havoc at a […]


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