KING January 31


Thinner was written in 1984 by Stephen King, as Richard Bachman. The story is about a lawyer, Billy Halleck, who accidentally knocks down and kills a gypsy woman in his car while being distracted by his wife. After the court case, in which he walks free, Halleck is cursed by an old gypsy man with […]

NESBO_Nemesis January 21

Jo Nesbo – Nemesis

It seemed entirely appropriate to me to hold off from writing about this book until I was next in Oslo. It is around minus 4 outside, so relatively balmy, and snow lies deep on the ground. The locals are excited to be able to go skiing and their mood seems to be a polar opposite […]

NFS January 18

Need for Speed: Shift

As far as bargain bucket games go this has to be one of the best purchases I made last year. Shift is a lot different than all the other NFS games I have played and more akin to Project Gotham or Gran Turismo. The streets, the story and the police chases are gone in favour […]

IMGP1081 January 18

Star Wars – 2007 Leicester Space Centre

Having had a little look back at previous posts and also some of the viewing rates over the holiday period, I discovered that cosplay is a pretty popular subject on my blog. While I don’t have any more photos of what I would call ‘proper’ cosplay I did find a little cache of Star Wars (mostly […]

CDa2z_P1 January 13

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 1)

In this post, which frankly is just a stepping stone towards the real gems of the P section of my CD collection, P is for Pele, Pet Shop Boys, Placebo and Portishead. Pele The now sadly defunct UK band – not the US band of the same name – were for a short period of time […]

book January 08

Philip Pullman – The Subtle Knife

The Subtle Knife is the second book in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. We find out what happens next to Lyra and the character of Will is introduced. He’s from our world and soon finds himself in the in-between world to which Lyra travelled from her world at the end of Northern Lights. The […]

battle January 06

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

By creating the awful mess that is The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (which I will refer to as Battle henceforth) Peter Jackson and his team appear to have drained every last drop of milk from the Middle Earth cash cow and left it with bleeding udders. I was only subjected to the […]


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