RJMitte_square November 25

MCM Comic Con – Nov 2014 – Celebs

Let me first just say that imo a lot of the so-called ‘stars’ that come to Birmingham NEC for the “Memorabilia” bit of Comic Con are no such thing – people who appeared for five minutes in one vaguely popular film are not people I really have any interest in seeing and in fact I’m not overly […]

Grevious_square November 24

MCM Comic Con – Nov 2014 – Star Wars

So here’s another post from this weekend. I’m afraid that Star Wars didn’t get a lot of attention from me this time and although the big man himself was there I didn’t get a good photo of him or The Emperor or the Imperial Guards. Congratulations btw to the guy in the guard costume that scared the […]

blog_sq November 23

MCM Comic Con – Nov 2014 – Cosplay

So here’s the first of three posts dedicated to MCM Comic Con at Birmingham NEC. I went on the Sunday so got to see Q&A sessions with RJ Mitte, Colin Ford and Cary Elwes. I admit the last two were just from the side because I was busy doing other things but it was great […]

imitation_game November 18

The Imitation Game

The movie’s title refers to the famous Turing test touted as a true test of any artificial intelligence – ask a series of questions and based on the responses try to figure out whether the thing answering is human or a machine imitating a human. It has a double meaning when used here as Turing […]

SubstanceD November 11

A Scanner Darkly

A Scanner Darkly is one of my best-loved PKD books and also one of my favourite film adaptations. The book is a remarkably humorous near-future tale of an undercover Orange County police anti-narcotics agent known simply as Fred to his colleagues and as Bob Arctor to the dopeheads and Substance D addicts he lives with. […]

interstellar November 09


Interstellar is the story of an ex-NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) turned farmer who gets the chance to pilot a spacecraft into a wormhole to try and help find a planet capable of supporting life in another galaxy. In accepting his mission he has to leave his young son and daughter (Murph) behind with the […]

need_for_speed_drawn_logo November 06

Need for Speed (Movie)

I saw this film earlier in the year minus the sound on a holiday flight. It’s much better with the sound. I had earplugs but the audio socket on my chair didn’t work properly, also having watched about an hour I decided to look away and not watch any more. The reason was that even […]


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