Queen September 02

Alphabetical CD Marathon: Queen – The Game

I bought this album in about 1985 on vinyl from Kavern records in Rhyl, North Wales. I still have it thirty years later – the original record and on CD. Given that this long running series of posts is supposed to be me going through my CDs in alphabetical order it seems odd for me […]

eye-in-the-sky August 29

Eye in the Sky

Published in 1957 (or thereabouts) Eye in the Sky is one of Philip K Dick’s earliest novels. As such a lot of the established features of Dick’s future reality are not manifest in the story, in fact this is a ‘near future’ story which begins in an alternative 1957 when eight people are involved in […]

KING August 23

Mr Mercedes

If you discount time travel tale 11.22.63 (because it hinged heavily on the science fiction element to work) and Joyland (because of its supernatural elements) then Mr Mercedes is King’s first real stab at a crime thriller. It’s no surprise to me that King has gone in this direction, at least for a couple of […]

IMG_0279 August 16


Chappie is the latest science fiction movie from director and writer Neill Blomkamp (District 9 and Elysium) and is again based in South Africa and once again ‘stars’ Sharlto Copley. I say ‘stars’ because in true Andy Serkis style Copley isn’t seen on screen as the titular character Chappie is a robot. But like Serkis has […]

cloud_atlas August 08

Book vs. Movie – Cloud Atlas

I think I stumbled across the (perhaps totally unoriginal) idea for this type of post when I was writing about one of the Bond books and the film, and also more recently when I reviewed the various iterations of Carrie. Positioning the idea as a book versus a film is sometimes going to be like […]

20150801_141408 August 06

Black Sheep: the darker side of felt @ Clitheroe

I like to go to the Platform 1 gallery in Clitheroe when I’m up in t’North of England because it usually has some quirky art on offer (e.g. working wood) and last weekend was no exception. When I was at school the closest I got to any textile based arts and crafts was making a […]

holiday_books July 26

Hunter S. Thompson – Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail ’72

I started reading this book in Skiathos last year, took it with me to Kos and read some more and finally finished it when I got back home.  It has around 480 pages of small tightly spaced text and isn’t exactly your typical summer holiday read. The book is essentially a collection of articles written […]


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