nesbo August 01

The Bat – Jo Nesbo

This is hardly a masterpiece of modern thriller writing but I thought it was okay as a debut novel. ‘The Bat’ introduced the character of Norwegian detective Harry Hole to the world, or at least it would have had it been published worldwide in 1997. As it happens it took until 2012 for this to […]

M1_madonna July 25

Alphabetical CD Marathon: M (Part 1)

I realised that one post on all the CDs in my main collection beginning with ‘M’ just wasn’t going to work. So instead I’ll be doing three. Absolutely no prizes for what comes after Madonna. If you’re not sure then just bear in mind that I was born in Wales and I like indie rock. […]

xboxY July 23

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

I can sum this fun racing game up in one neat sentence as follows: Criterion Games bring you another instalment of the franchise which combines elements of their previous games Burnout: Paradise and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. But that’s not the whole story. I loved Paradise as much as Burnout:Revenge and I played NFS:Hot […]

holiday_books July 19

Summer Holiday Books 2014 – Part 2

Headhunters is the first book I have chosen to read by ex-football player, ex-rock star turned writer Jo Nesbo because as far as I am aware it is not part of a series. In the story Roger Brown is an Oslo based headhunter who specialises in recruiting CEO’s for top companies and who is married […]

xbox_x_on_black July 18

Call of Duty Ghosts – Campaign

I’m not going to rant on about how the maps are too large on Multiplayer, or that the aliens levels are just a copy of the zombies in previous games, I’m just going to concentrate on the solo player campaign. I am a contrary Mary at times and I waited and bought Ghosts cheap solely […]

holiday_books July 15

Summer Holiday Books 2014 – Part 1

2014 was a bumper year for holiday reading so I’ve chosen to split this into two posts to make it easier for everyone concerned. It’s amazing how quickly you can get through a well-written page turner or a mediocre shambolic mishmash of ideas if the conditions are right, and the conditions were almost perfect in Skiathos […]

book July 13


Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic dystopian French language sci-fi graphic novel originally created by Jacques Lob. The first volume ‘The Escape’ was released in 1982. In 1999, nine years after Lob’s death Benjamin Legrand continued the story with ‘The Explorers’ and in 2000 with ‘The Crossing’. Two English translations have recently been published following the release […]


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