poem February 22

Scrabble babble, toil and tribble

Perhaps egged on by the imminent release of a new Blur album which some would say is named after a collection of poetry not ice-cream and reading Mark Forsyth, I wrote this little pretty pretty last night. A low-calorie intake does something to the brain. Alphabetically powered by Google. Scrabble babble, toil and tribble The […]

CDa2z_P7 February 16

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 7)

A Lick of the Old Cassette Box Also known as “PWEI96” or “The Lost Album”, this album was originally recorded in 1995 and 1996, but the band split before it was finished and it wasn’t released until September 2013 as CD2 of the expanded version of Dos Dedos Mis Amigos. Clint Mansell and Adam Mole […]

sundial February 16

Mark Forsyth – The Horologicon

This ‘book of hours’ presents words lost from the English language arranged according to the hour of day. You could think of this as completing an etymological trilogy along with The Etymologicon and The Elements of Eloquence. For me this was the lesser of the three books. Something about it didn’t quite thrill me as […]

CDa2z_P6 February 08

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 6)

A Dog with a Bone If you’ve been following my recent posts about the PWEI CDs in my collection then you’ll know that I used to own a tape of The PWEI Cure for Sanity recorded off a friend that had different versions of tracks on it in comparison to my CD. I knew that […]

CDa2z_P5 February 07

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 5)

I didn’t find that remix of “Dance of the Mad Bastards” or “Cicciolina” mix I was after on the extra CD on the reissue of Cure for Sanity. It’s so long ago now that I had the tape with the different version of the album on that my memory fails me. The most interesting find […]

CDa2z_P4 February 05

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 4)

The Pop Will Eat Itself Cure for Sanity This album came out while I was at university and I originally had a recording off someone and then bought the CD. There were strange differences between my tape and the CD. “X Y & Zee” and “92°F” were different mixes – this is known as they […]

CDa2z_P3 February 02

Alphabetical CD Marathon: P (Part 3)

 This Is the Day…This Is the Hour…This Is This! Released in 1989 this was the first PWEI album I bought and contains the two tracks I would have heard and danced to first in the form of the first two singles “Def. Con. One” and “Can U Dig It?” Flood (ace Depeche Mode producer) did […]


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