I have discovered a new word for front-bottom after all this time, and that word is ‘minkey’. How I discovered this is that it was mentioned as a username during a presentation regarding security software. Out of about one hundred people in the audience a couple of people tittered (that’s tittered not twittered). I was lost, so I looked it up and found it on urban dictionary. Nice.

Onto mysterious monk spoons –

While I was recreating Transformers 2 with no CGI budget, I found a smaller than normal teaspoon in my cutlery drawer. I had forgotten that I had rescued it from some teaspoons my dad was taking to a charity shop (or was he going to melt them down and make some fake 50p’s I can’t remember).

I let the Neighbours one go, but this one had a monk on it and I remembered they’re good for mustard. Not that I have any mustard in the house, but if someone came round and I didn’t have one it would be such an awful social faux-pass I might have to kill myself with the melon baller.

I always thought that Hari (Harry? Hairy? Hare? Rabbit?) Krishna’s gave them away to people in the 1970’s, but I wanted to find proof and include an interesting web page for you to look at it. I tried and I failed. Was it mentioned on an episode of QI I wonder?

No I didn’t and I’m not interested in what sort of shorts Sophie Monk is currently wearing. Why did I think adding more words to ‘monk’ and ‘teaspoon’ was going to help.
More importantly what’s a ‘donk’?

A ‘ghetto style booty’ – what like trendy babies wear to stop their tootsies getting cold?

Now I have inadvertantly discovered a new word for a back-bottom. This is going swimmingly. can’t wait to put these words into action. Actually ‘badonkadonk’ rings a bell – I’m sure Missy Elliott sang something to me about her ‘badonkadonk’ in my car a while ago, and there was an elephant noise on the track too – should’ve been a clue – you can’t get more phat than an elephat/phant… please yourselves.

And on that bum-shell… I have writing to do.
If anyone does know where these ‘monk spoons’ originate from please let me know. My Nan had one too and they’re not that rare so surely someone must know. I suppose I could ask some real people rather than a search engine, but that would mean using the phone or leaving the house.


I asked Siggy’s mumsie about the spoon. She said they were called Apostle Spoons, which narrows it down, and so I Googled it, and here we are:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostle_spoon
The one I have is most definately not antique and dates from the 1970’s I am sure. It still leaves me wondering why they were being remade and how they ended up in my dad’s cutlery, especially given that he’s not overtly religious. Perhaps Typhoo tea were giving them away at some point?