I have been sitting watching the Europa Cup match on 5 HD and trying to write the words to go on the back of my unpublished new book Tales of the New Found Land. I have finished the first draft and I’m waiting for a proof copy to arrive so I can read through it – I always find it easier to read a printed copy in paperback form and make notes in the margins than try and do it on screen or print 400 odd pages (some odder than others) of A4 – and while I’m waiting I thought I’d try the blurb. Here’s what I came up with by half time and the subsequent barrage of adverts and plop punditry:

Ten strangers, ten charms, ten standing stones,
all hold stories to be told –
A butcher and a hidden mage,
A harlequin jests upon a stage,
A banker and a sculpting thief,
A monk has knowledge beyond belief,
A keeper of light immortality,
A witch of fey personality,
A druid and a boy changeling,
A magpie searching for a ring,
Death with tombstones but no graves,
Dryadic pleasure addict slaves,
An errant knight with sword in hand,
These are the tales of the new found land.

No prizes for my favourite line and I know if you count the people mentioned there’s more than ten. In fact the ten strangers aren’t all listed and more main characters are featured rather than all of the strangers in the strange land.

This is going to be my first fantasy book and is going to take a while to get just right. I am already changes things and thinking of new stuff while I am waiting for the proof copy to arrive.

The second half has started, so I will stop.