Liv Tyler’s split ends

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Some things I didn’t do and some photos I can’t show you from the week just gone concern my cancelled trip to the British Touring Cars at Donington and not seeing the Olympic Torch relay practise where I work. The touring cars trip cancellation was self-imposed as I simply couldn’t be bothered even though I had a free ticket – I did it with Vegas so I can do it with anything, it’s just the way I am sometimes.
The Olympic thing wasn’t something I could be arsed with at all except if I could have pounded Sebastian Coe’s infinitely punchable face with a dozen extra-large free-range double yolkers without getting tasered by the police. So hey, no photos…
I have however decorated two rooms at home with Siggy, got as far as Queen in my ‘listen to my CDs in alphabetical order marathon’, completed Assassin’s Creed Revelations, written up a load of corrections for ‘Tales…’ and seen some more films. So it’s not all been wasted time…
I was worried this week about Liv Tyler’s split ends, but apparently she’s found a new hair product that’s sorted it all out… phew…

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