In between and around watching IP Man and IP Man 2, World Championship Snooker and beer, I was fiddling about on an iPad – specifically looking at what free games were out there.

I found the limited free version of Cut The Rope to be quite buggy when loading on the iPad, although once in the game I can see how it could be fun beyond the measly amount of levels provided. In comparison Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons offered up a lot more levels for no money. I found Rio a lot harder than the normal game and Seasons almost impossible. Great fun though.

I played a puzzle game where you had to join numbered dots in order by drawing a line between them with your finger – a line you are not allowed to cross over. It was great up to a point until they revealed the dots one by one on the paper making it pretty much impossible to complete. I was also annoyed that the ‘magic pen’ which allowed you to cross the lines you had drawn ran out and invited you to spend money. Uninstalled at that point.

Also got hold of Ice Age Village a civilisation building type game (not my fave, but I liked the films and it was free) and while it initially was a lot of fun I soon realised that it was a time waster and for the weak willed also a money-waster as a lot of the stuff you could potentially do involved waiting days for things to spawn or paying for ‘acorns’ which would then allow you to buy things within the game. Also I’m not sure about this but I don’t think every animal comes out of an egg – and definitely not Mammoths – and this seemed to be the established final stage of the reproductive cycle for all the critters in the game, very odd, but then I don’t suppose watching the offspring’s head breaching the mummy’s privates is as good for kids as an egg cracking.

Also got a free darts and bowling game (not both at the same time that would be key-razee!), both very good and making the most of the touch screen. The free logo guessing game was also good (apart from being a little too US company biased) up to a point until I found a page with all the answers on. Uninstalled at that point.

And last but by no means least was Star Wars Pit Droids which took a long time to download but was worth the wait. You have to guide stupid droids across a level by placing arrowed floor tiles telling them in what direction to walk. Starts off simple and then gets brain-bogglingly tricky. Lots of levels and no stupid pay to unlock features as far as I can tell.

There are a few racing games out there for free, but it stopped raining and I went out to stare at the big bright thing in the sky.