Self-publishing has its ups and downs. The ups are actually being able to hold in your hand something that you have worked on for ages in real book form with a glossy cover and proper glued pages and all that jazz, and to be able to show other people what you’ve done. The downs are that it is mighty difficult as a hobbyist to get any publicity for your books, and the fact that POD (print on demand) charges mean that the books you produce cannot compete with Amazon and the likes.

With the rise in popularity of e-books the market is becoming broader, but the problem of publicity remains.

Anyway all my wares are here –

Lulu helpfully transformed some of my earlier books into proper e-books and these are available on iTunes.

I am not to be confused with a self-publishing poet of the same name, who is no doubt a little miffed that there’s now two of us listed on Lulu. Blame my/your parents mate – they chose the name; nothing to do with me 😉