I like to think that great minds think alike and so I would like to point out a few ideas I have had over the years I have been writing:

  1. A love story between a man slipping about uncontrollably in time with a girl fixed in time. Ring any bells? Yep The Time Traveller’s Wife got there first. Thanks goes to Olric for lending me the book when I mentioned the idea to him – thus saving me a lot of time.
  2. An urban and contemporary vampire story. Half a million books got there first. I have nothing to add. The would-be main character ‘Rose’ features a little in the Magpie trilogy and the as yet unfinished Tales from the New Found Land in which she is not a vampire.
  3. Someone who can walk around finding stuff out in other people’s dreams. he would find out that there are entitites in the dreamworld that are not created by the dreamers and manipulate the dreamers for there own nefarious purposes. Then I went to see Inception and immediately ditched the idea.