Having seen the weather and knowing that I would be working on Saturday morning I took Friday off work. Most of the day was spent trying to write a synopsis for ‘Broken’ which I should have done a long time ago when it was still fresh in my head. One benefit of doing so is that I discovered a forgotten element of back-story to the main character Danny which corresponds to the back story for the character of a new book I am currently plotting out – yes I have had an idea for my next book. But worry not ‘Tales…’ is still happening and another draft is imminent; Siggy is working her way through the manuscript and making a worrying number of notes in the margins.

I took time out to have a go on Lego Batman 2: DC Heroes, a review of which may appear when I’ve played enough of it to form an opinion. In the evening we rewatched ‘Austin Powers: Goldmember’ – not as tiresome as I remember.

Saturday was spent at work fiddling with network cables and command line interfaces. The weather was typically awful culminating in a thunderstorm with hailstones which killed off any ideas of nipping out for some beer and a curry. The freezer was raided for a fish supper (don’t!) and we rewatched ‘Lucky Number Sleven’ – just as good this time around, thankfully having forgotten most of the plot until Siggy said ‘they cast the boy well’ about half an hour in while Josh Hartnet was on screen thus triggering total recall of the whole plot. Hey ho. talking of total recall trailers are in full flow for the film and I will definately try and see it on the big screen. I am holding back any other comments until I see it. Those who follow this blog regularly will understand why I am keen to see it.

Today I have so far watched Match of the Day from last night and the Liverpool v Hearts game from mid-week. I have also rearranged this blog a bit to keep my book related stuff as ‘pages’ rather than ‘posts’ so they are easier to find amongst the other bloginess. The weather is still plop, but shortly I will be off to the cinema to see ‘The Bourne Legacy’.