RIP Iain Banks

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Just found out that Iain Banks died yesterday. A sad day for the world of writing. I will miss his wit and imagination. Not much else to say really. If I liked whisky I would have dram in his memory.


    1. Thanks. As you know I am also a massive Neil Gaiman fan and so it was doubly touching to read what he had written about Iain Banks.

  1. Sorry about this. Having found your site, I can’t stop myself – please understand that it’s dementia meeting OCD. Whisky is how scotch is described, whiskey is how Irish is described. I must get out more, I know.

  2. No need to apologise. I knew it was 50/50 on the spelling as I was writing it. Thought I had got away with it! it was late and I was a little shell-shocked.

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