We were late up today due to the excesses of last night. Remained pool-side and in the pool for most of the day. The weather continues to get warmer. There were storms before we arrived and there is always the possibility of heavy rain for a day in Skiathos, but we are hopeful that it will remain sunny.


Before tea we went for a short walk up a nearby hill and got barked at by a rabid looking dog and walked back down again. We wandered down to Troulos Bay where it all came together for ‘Broken’ the first time we visited the island, when the weather really was piss poor.


I had a sour cherry juice at the Alpha supermarket, tipped my imaginary cap at the Frog Bar and then it was back to the hotel to get cleaned up for another visit to the Download Festival, I mean Salt and Pepper. We have vague plans for a walking trip tomorrow so aim to consume less alcohol tonight. A car that looks like a stormtrooper, I mean really…

Tea at Salt and Pepper was great, the highlight being the starter – filo tubes with melted cheese inside covered in honey and sesame seeds.

Had a B52 at Victoria which was a proper glass full of shooter strength stuff and so ended the low alcohol ambition for the night.

We had a quick one at Tiffany’s but they were gearing up for some traditional Greek dancing so we hastened to Chris’s, and bugger me if there wasn’t some football on the telly-box. Spain versus Tahita in the Confederates Cup. Spain won 10-0. Tahita had almost zero defensive and it should’ve been more, but Spain’s final ball play was letting them down a bit.


The celeb lookalike was the son out of King of the Hill – we move slowly back into the realms of the original concept from a car to a person who looks like an animated character. There was a total absence of snackage at Chris’s, but we got some nice nuts at Tiffanys. I ate another cookie magnum today – must stop or my jeans won’t fit by the end of the holiday. I also found some Chilli Sauce flavoured Pringles in the supermarket – I love to try out the traditional food wherever I visit.