Roula said it was 35C today, although someone else said it was more like 40C without the breeze – probably an exaggeration, anyway it was very hot today. There was some cloud, but it does look like we will escape the rain for the first time. Third time lucky I guess.

I did a lot of swimming because the pool area was thankfully free of interlopers and peaceful, although Patrick Stewart did join us at the pool today.

One goal for the holiday, besides letting go of the edge of the swimming pool, was not to get sunburnt – unfortunately today I blew it. My new shorts let me down – they are quite a bit shorter than yesterday’s pair and I had not applied enough sun-cream on my legs above the back of the knee. Siggy thinks the resulting red bands of broiled skin are hilarious. I tend to disagree. Siggy’s hair extensions are dropping out, probably because of the heat; of course she can laugh at my legs but heaven forbid I should mock her misfortune.

We went to bus stop 13, unlucky for some, to find that the taverna recommended by the drunken bloke last night didn’t exist – he had either got the stop number or the name of the place wrong. We walked back along the main road as far as bus stop 16 and we went to Mesostrato Taverna a very trendy little place recommended by Rania. The chicken souvlakia was great and we managed to get the bus immediately after paying the bill over to Victoria. After a couple of almost lethal cocktails we had coffee at Salt and Pepper and a beer at the hotel. We were both a bit knackered by the heat today.

The moon hung in the sky big and yellow, and Roula told us that it had been as close to the Earth as it could be the previous night, which also coincided with it being a full moon. Is that an equinox? Very romantic I guess. Over the last week or so we have seen a few people dining alone which strikes me as sad (because I would find the situation depressing if it was me, not because I think they’re sad cases) and brave in equal measure. I make up stories in my head to explain their solitude and pray it never happens to me – I’m not one of those people who can put up with their own company for very long.