It took us about an hour to walk to Mega Asselinos on the opposite side of the island from Troulos today. It is not a particularly scenic walk, but nice for the drone of the quad bikes to be replaced by that of the insects. The beach is very nice, but they do charge for the use of the sun-beds and the staff in the big canteen-like beach taverna once again (same as last time we came) came across as a surly bunch – in stark contrast to the service/welcome you get at most places in Skiathos.

It was nice to see the villa which I used as Gill’s ‘lair’ in Broken on the road to Mega Asselinos – it still has a big metal gate locked up with a padlock at the top of the drive and a low wire fence between its plot and that of the (still undeveloped) house next door. The dog sanctuary and monastery are off the right hand leg of the fork in the road further up the incline beyond the villa and the beach off the left fork. The road to the dogs is very steep and winding and we chose not to go up there because of the heat.


Rather than stay for an early lunch we decided to walk back and get a pizza at Chris’s before the sun got really hot. There was some Lions rugby on, but we didn’t hang about once we had eaten. Back at the hotel I read the obligatory Bernard Cornwell book, drank strawberry slush puppies from the pool bar and did a bit of swimming about until 6:30pm. The sun is still quite hot and capable of tanning until about seven at this time of year and most people generally eat at around 8:00pm which corresponds to 6:00pm UK time.

We had tea at Green Meadow again because I wanted another big portion of baklava. Siggy is not a big fan of the place because of the potential for mosquito bites, but I like it because it is a cheap and cheerful place run by a family. I had black Russian at Victoria before tea and a white Russian afterwards. We were both running out of steam at that point so it was back for a cheeky nightcap at the hotel – a large Alpha for me and an Alexander for Siggy.