It was still windy today which I guess made it a little easier on the soul to leave. Packing was the usual downer achieved just in time to vacate the room. We had a quick walk around Troulos under the pretence that we were looking for the best priced bags of sweets to take back with us, but really to say goodbye to the place.

Back at the hotel, Siggy got some last-minute sunbathing in while I read a photo book in reception all about the Sporades islands – history, culture etc. Yes I found some in the end. In a book mind. It was all a bit sketchy to tell the truth. We wrote an entry in the guest book and had a smile at what Siggy had written last year. George made us one last vanilla milkshake before we had to get on the coach. Cue emotional farewells. Raina was on reception duty and Roula was busy with her new baby. George wished me well with ‘the book’. We told them that it was quite likely we would be seeing them again next year. I think the island still has enough to offer us a different experience next year (for instance neighbouring islands that we haven’t visited, more undiscovered tavernas, and an incomplete cocktail list).

The great thing about Skiathos airport is that once you have checked in your luggage you can leave the building and do what you want as long as you are in departures and hour before your flight. This means you can get a drink and food from one of the nearby tavernas and walk down to the end of the runway and watch your plane arrive.


The plane was on time and made cracking time on the flight back to Blighty for which I was thankful because, despite being told off by her mum repeatedly, a small girl was kicking me in the back the whole way home. Oh how I pined for a dental student to sit behind me and regale me with tales of whitened teeth. Our pilot for today was was the co-pilot Mr Rocket, an apt name if ever I heard one.

It was pissing down with rain when we got home. Sympathetic weather I think it’s called.