Clitheroe Railway Station was opened in 1850 during the height of the ‘railway revolution’ to deal with passengers and freight. The passengers were the workers who were employed in the printing, textile and quarrying industries local to Clitheroe, and freight was carried because the Leeds Liverpool Canal, the closest waterway, wasn’t close enough to provide a viable means of transport. The station suffered like so many other local stations in the 1960’s as part of Dr Beeching’s programme of cuts. Special services were resumed in 1990 and the station was fully re-opened in 1994. The station buildings house a visitor information centre, crafts shop and the Platform Gallery.


The Platform Gallery holds regular art exhibitions. ‘Working Wood’, running until 28 September, brings together a select group of artists who work with wood.

The exhibition highlights the numerous different working methods employed by artists in this most natural of materials. Traditional hand carvings sit alongside works that use the latest technologies. Fine marquetry, veneer work, turning, hand shaping, green wood carving, sculpture and furniture making all feature among the fine selection of exhibits.


Exhibitors are: Nick Barberton, Paul Case, Ian Clarkson, Richard Hooper, Louise Hibbert, Christine Kaltoft, Sarah Elizabeth Jones, Ruth Mae, Christine Meyer-Eaglestone, Steve Tomlin, Chris Rymer.


I was particularly impressed with carving above and the pots turned from cherry wood. Apologies for the poor quality images – these were taken on my somewhat dated mobile phone. In my opinion the curators at Nottingham Castle could learn something from Clitheroe’s people (the gallery does not charge an admission fee for one thing!) and they’ve got a proper castle too!