Snugburys started making ice cream for family and friends in the mid-80’s in their farmhouse kitchen in Nantwich, Chesire. Everyone enjoyed eating their ice cream and so they decided to invite customers up to the farm. Over 200,000 people now visit Snugburys ice cream shop every year.

They create and sell a large number of ice cream flavours, such as Death by Chocolate, Baby Fig and Orange Blossom Honey, and crème caramel, as well as the classics like raspberry ripple and my favourite rum and raisin.

I know them best as somewhere I drive past whenever I am on my way to North Wales and until last Thursday I had never stopped. So what made me stop after all this time?

Dr Who, of course.

As well as creating excellent ice cream, Snugburys also build amazing straw sculptures with the help of Harbook Engineering. I have seen these sculptures regularly while driving along the A51. In 2010 it was giant Meerkat and in 2011 a giant polar bear. In 2012 it was a giant pursuit cyclist riding the outside of an Olympic ring, and this year it was a 35ft animated Dalek.

So I got a rum and raisin and took a couple of photos. Not only does the eye turret rotate but the plunger arm also moves and it announces its intention of exterminating everyone who comes to have a closer look. It is made with 6 tonnes of straw and 5 tonnes of steel and is by far the most impressive sculpture they have created in my honest but biased opinion.


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