I got talked into going to another Memorabilia / Comic Con at the NEC today. The NEC was very busy with at least two other big shows taking place – a motorbike show and a Christmas Gift Fair. As we were walking to the entrance I saw a giant snowman bobbing along who could easily have been off to the Comic Con rather than the Christmas Fair.

Thankfully there was no road kill on the way this time (see previous post). I substituted a tarantula in my bug-handling session today instead of a scorpion – a lot cuter and fluffier and didn’t have horrible pin-prick feet. It was only when they put it back in the box that I spotted a baby alligator being handled. My budget can only stretch to one creature per show, so the croc will have to wait until next year.

There were a lot more Star Wars people around than in March, but same as last time I missed the parade because it was once again stupidly timed to clash with a decent Q&A session. Thanks to everyone who let me take their pictures. I hope you approve. if not let me know and I will remove them off this post.

I saw lots of celebs today as well as lots of people in costume. A few highlights for me were Tiny Lister, Hannah Spearritt, The Red Dwarf peeps, George from George and Mildred, Jaws from the Bond films, Toyah Wilcox, and last but not least Josef Altin from Game of Thrones (who had a quick chat with me and gave me his autograph without me even realising) – he doesn’t have a big role in the series, but I think he is destined for great things. We missed Phil Daniels (yesterday), but there did seem to be a lot more recognisable people at this show in comparison to the one I went earlier this year.


There were a lot of Assassins Creed cosplayers at the show today. Here’s one of the more convincing ones:


Judge Dredd was also a popular choice this time. These two had been practicing the upturned ‘u’-shaped scowl in the mirror:


Power Rangers always seem a bit of a cop-out to me, but they caught my eye anyhoo:


Catwomen were in abundance. I think this was the best outfit:


Sorry, I don’t know the character (shoot me down with a toy gun) the hair caught my eye:


I like to take photos of people who have made a real effort with their costumes and not just gone to a costume shop and bought a complete outfit. Blue hair again:


Top marks for the face paint. Good luck getting it off later! Award for best posing goes to this trio:


If I pulled a loose thread would he dissolve into a pile of bugs I wonder?


Best team picture of the day. Simple but effective:


I’m spotting a pattern with the blue hair. Everyone smiled – result!


Vignette’d this to death to mask the badly placed handbag. Again loads of Harley Quinn but you had the biggest hammer:


Quite possibly the best costume I spotted today and not just because of the cleavage! –


At this point I realise I already have a photo of at least one of these girls. Loved the top hats:


Hey it’s Bender:


I saw someone wearing an R2D2 costume a bit like this, but this was better – matching shoes and everything. Actually, you know what, I think this was the best costume actually, even though I suspect it was not entirely homemade? (you tell me – comments below):


I’m sure someone out there can identify every signature on the windows of the TARDIS they had at the show. I had a real geekfest this weekend what with the show today and then The Day Of The Doctor yesterday. I was a bit confused about Tom Baker’s appearance, but it was great to see him.


I should know who this odd-headed Star Wars character is, but I’m not that much of a geek. Looks like one of Figrin Dan’s Cantina Band went off to the Jedi Academy:


Not the best back-drop, sorry guys, at least I cropped out the bins. Hats off to you for the homemade Loki horns and staff:


Another Assassin:


A very niche stall that caught my eye – The British Phil Silvers Appreciation Society:


You never would have guessed by the amount of banners in the exhibition hall, but apparently there’s a new film coming out called 47 Ronin. Actually I saw the trailer and it looks great; nice to see Keanu Reeves back in martial arts action. The legend of the 47 Ronin is… eh hem… legendary in Japan in much the same way as 300 Spartans in Greece.




More Cosplayers (one of you smiled, thank you):


My camera said ‘blink detected’:


I’m sure I’m not the only one who has Boba Fett as their favourite character from Star Wars. I saw a white Boba Fett too, but sadly didn’t get a decent photo. The lights at the NEC were really poor and cast a yellow tinge over everything. This glowing photo is (c) 2013 Adam Greaves used with kind permission, all the rest are by me:


Another obligatory Stormtrooper shot; they’re just so darn photogenic:


Chris Barrie from Red Dwarf gets in on the action:


and last but not least I get to 60’s tone a 70’s icon: