I decided to split out the Q&A stuff from the costume stuff, because it is on the topic of talks that I wanted to add more words.

We went over to the area reserved for talks ten minutes or so before the 11:30 Star Wars talk, and saw these people:


The guy in the middle was the child actor in Poltergeist, the woman in the fur coat (it was cold) survived Halloween or Friday 13th (or both, I’m not sure) and the scruffy chap on the end was a mystery to me. I think he might have been a cameraman or writer? The guide-book for the day lists Emily Booth, Laurence R Harvey, Emma Lock and Eileen Daly as being involved, but as far as I can tell these were not them (if you catch my drift).

The woman in the fur coat waxed on lyrically about how horror films are good for the soul and I kind of agree with her as long the violence isn’t pornographic and someone actually survives. I am thinking of my disgust over Hostel II which I thought was an utter disgrace to the genre.

Once they had shuffled off to make some money signing autographs we were presented with ‘stars of the classic movie franchise’ Star Wars:


The chap with the mike was a Jawa and an Ewok and so although his face wasn’t in the film he had to biggest right to be up on the podium. The other two IMHO really should not have been up there.

They guy in the middle hogged the mike for most of the thankfully short session and proudly announced that he was the guy who gave Han Solo his medal, that he was in a couple of episodes of Blakes 7 and also in Doctor Who. He also controversially said that his favourite doctor was Colin Baker which was met by an eerie silence. But the revelations did not end there! He also let it be known that he was the milkman on Eastenders for three years or so until they got a supermarket. At this point I was more interested in the life of a jobbing actor than I was of his really tenuous links to Star Wars, but no – he went on the explain that his character in the film had a name. The name was admittedly quite amusing (something like Anulus Discharx) but his claim that the character was a ‘real man’ was slightly worrying. I thought someone might be calling for security down their sleeve at that point.

The guy in the skinny tie had an even worse claim to fame in that he got the sack by Harrison Ford because he couldn’t hold the reins of a Tauntaun correctly on Empire Strikes Back. He remained mostly silent for the Q&A session. I would have been mortified with embarrassment and I couldn’t believe he was at the event signing autographs.

Before the Red Dwarf stars appeared for a very entertaining chat, Todd Haberkorn did a show-and-tell mostly about Star Trek Continues and his prolific voice-over career. Turns out he is a voice actor on Borderlands 2 which I have been playing recently.


The stars of Red Dwarf arrived fashionably late. From left to right we were treated by chat from Danny John-Jules, Hattie Hayridge, Chris Barrie and Robert Llewellyn recounting on-set anecdotes and opinions on different episodes of the cult show. Seeing them all together at the same show totally made up for the supposed Star Wars ‘stars’.

In some ways it was quite sad to wander around the signing areas afterwards and look upon the faces of so many never-beens and has-beens (sorry, but they’re the only words that sum it up properly) mixed with some minor stars of today (e.g. Josef Altin, Hannah Spearritt). There were obviously a few exceptions (e.g. Haberkorn and the Red Dwarf peeps) and I guess if I was more interested in the likes of Rocky Horror for instance I might have got a little more excited. It would be great to see some proper working actors at the show, but they’re busy working aren’t they. I mean no offence to the likes of Toyah Wilcox, Richard Kiel, Brian Murphy, Rodney Bewes and Tiny Lister, but real stars were in the minority and each of the porn stars at the show probably had more screen time than most of the supposed stars put together.