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I keep plugging away at writing ‘Lucky’ when I get clear breathing space from all the other things that take up my time. Luckily (‘scuse pun) I have had a few Fridays off work recently to use up my annual quota of leave and this has given me the opportunity to finish a proper first draft of the book. When this is done I like to get it printed out and bound properly by Lulu so I can read through it as I would a normal paperback and scrawl notes in biro on the pages. Maybe one of these days these proofing copies will be worth something, but I doubt it.

As part of the process of mounting it up on Lulu you are obliged to choose a cover and I like to actually go for a final cover straight away – it gives me the artificial sense of having completed something although the actual book is a long way off being self published publicly. So here is the cover of the book:


The image is a resized Shutterstock download – the price of my subscription has yet to be covered by any small profits I make on self-publishing, but that’s not really the point.

The cover might make it look a bit saucy and that’s not entirely an accident. The book isn’t overly saucy, but the cover is attention grabbing and the model featured is as close to the mental image I had of the main character to be suitable. The black silk neck tie also has some connotations which I am neither going to confirm or deny at this point. The image is slightly squeezed horizontally so the model’s face appears leaner than the original image, but again this appropriate as my character is a lean, mean fighting machine.

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