Skiathos 2014 – Day 1 – Top Tips Part 1


Christakis Sports Bar, Troulos

Originally I wasn’t going to blog about Skiathos this time round, but then I changed my mind after a few days. I’m a blogger it’s what I do. So Day 1 we got to the hotel to find we had a great view, unpacked, had a quick sunbathe, reacquainted ourselves with the staff and a few familiar faces among the other guests. There was some World Cup action so we had an overloaded meat feast pizza at Christaki’s Sports Bar, some Mythos and watched the football.


By way of an unabashed filler here are my Top Tips 1-4 for visiting Skiathos:





The bus is your friend (even if you sometimes have to stand up). It is regular and cheap. The maximum fare is 2 Euros and this will get you from Bus Stop number 0 all the way to Bus Stop 26 (if you want, but I would actually recommend the water taxi if you’re doing that trip – more in another post on that topic). Shorter distances will cost you either 1.60 or 1.80 per person. Don’t ask for a return. That’s silly. Be careful when you get off the bus – look out for passing traffic.

Here’s a list of bus stops (which makes more sense if you use the map – see point 2 below):


0. Terminus (New Port)

1. Delta (crossroads airport road and ring road)

2. Sineterismos

3. Ring road (supermarket and shops)

4. Akropolis (Health Centre)

5. Megali Ammos

6. Poseidon/Megali Ammos

7. Annis (start of Vasilias Beach)

8. Vasilias (main stop)

9. Between Vasilias and Achladies

10. Achladies (beach)

11. Villa Liva (Sklithri Beach)

12. Tzanaria Beach (Nostos & Kanapitsa)

13. Vromolimnos & Nostos

14. Kolios

15. Kolios/Platanias

16. Aghia Paraskevi (Platanias Beach & many tavernas)

17. Poros

18. Troulos crossroad (Tavernas, supermarkets)

19. Victoria (Bar & Taverna, petrol)

20. Troulos Beach

21. OTE building (dirt road to Mandraki area)

22. Maratha Beach

23. Mandraki (path to Mandraki, Elias, Agistros beaches)

24. Yiouvanakis (supermarket and road to Mandraki)

25. Aghia Eleni (Beach)

26. Koukounaries Beach (end of the line)



The ‘Skymap’ is freely available from the airport baggage area, hotels and bars. It is two-sided showing the town on one side and the whole island on the other. It shows the bus stops and roads – although do bear in mind that this is not a good guide for walking – as it ‘smooths out’ many twists and turns and gives no indication of contours.

skiathos map



Ask other visitors or hotel staff for recommendations for tavernas, bars and beaches. There’s a lot of fine places off the beaten track within easy walking distance of bus stops to eat and drink and locals will gladly give you advice on where to visit if you have a vehicle. Many visitors are regulars to the island and have a good unbiased view of where to go and where not to go depending on various criteria.



Shopkeepers, hoteliers and bar staff should be treated nicely and not as your personal slaves. Bar staff especially are to be treated with the utmost friendliness as they will reciprocate with generous ‘measures’ and sometimes free drinks (it does happen!). You’re nice to them, they’re nice to you; everyone wins. Despite the heat smile! You’re on holiday for heaven’s sake!


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