Did a few more widths of the pool today and caught the sun so I was looking a bit pink at the end of the day. The families are going home tomorrow so maybe the pool will become quieter, or maybe we’ll get some more trouble, who knows?

England managed not to lose their final irrelevant World Cup game versus Costa Rica. While everyone was saying how well we played I had to remind myself that we didn’t win any of our games and at times seemed incapable of defending. We ate at Victoria and had the last normally priced cocktails on the list.

Moody cocktail shot

We then pulled a late one to see Greece get through after a lasty minute penalty award against Ivory Coast. You can’t beat watching Greece win a football match while on holiday in Greece. I almost wore a ‘Japan’ tee shirt and thought better of it.


Chris’s little helper Joanna got dunked in the pool by an over-enthusiastic ‘last-nighter’ – I guess it’s an occupational hazard. She took it well, but said the next day that she was a little miffed that it happened when it was so busy ahead of the big game. I was proud of Siggy staying awake through the game which was late because of the time difference between Brazil and Greece.

Also today in World Cup news Suarez decided to try and take a bite out of an Italian player in Uruguay’s match. He is an odd bod.