For at least a couple of hours we are free of noisy children around the pool, but we know it’s probably not going to last. Our hotel is popular with families on tripadvisor; there’s a good play area, child friendly staff and a kid’s pool. On the down side it is a bit of a walk to the beach and that’s what we’re counting on to keep the number of children to a reasonable limit. The open pool policy can be a bit of a downer too; ‘interlopers’ can come and use the sunbeds, the bar and the pool and sometimes this seems unfair on the residents who have paid good money for some feeling of exclusivity; a feeling which can quickly evaporate in the heat of a crowded pool.

While Siggy does her usual shrimp on the barbecue impersonation I hide in the shade of the umbrella and laugh at the Jaws/Suarez mash-up video someone has already posted on Twitter. I have my first Frappe of the holiday which for someone who doesn’t normally drink coffee is like doing a line of coke. There’s a medical centre close by and wonder if I need to visit. Once I’ve calmed down I carry on reading ‘Northern Lights’ by Philip Pullman. As usual I will do a post specifically on my holiday books once I’ve finished these day-to-day posts.

When we go out for tea I judge it safe to wear my Japan tee-shirt. It is one of the few survivors from last year’s holiday (almost all other Primarni Specials shrank in the wash or were totally cacked up beyond rescue with suncream). Where the day went I can’t say – time is doing that neat trick of collapsing into a dot of perception perhaps because there is so little sensory input when you’re lounging around doing nowt.

We go to Jonny’s down the road from bus stop 12 in Kanapitsa which is thankfully not swarming with mosquitos, although flies seem to be circling under the canopy and make brief sorties down to food level now and again. My pork chop is splendidly sized but Siggy is disappointed with a runny panna cotta. Coupled with a somewhat scrambled egg style Crème Brule in Salt and Pepper earlier in the week she is left doubting whether any taverna is going to get a dessert right. It’s not quite ‘Pudding-gate’ yet, but her faith has been rocked after specifically wanting to go to Jonny’s for the panna cotta. We have a complementary drink at the end of the meal and for some reason I opt for ouzo. I suddenly, almost violently, remember why this will be my only ouzo of the holiday.

Just before I remember what ouzo tastes like

After Jonny’s we go to bus stop 20 and head to Tiffany’s which is making an attempt at being a taverna for the season. Tony at the bar is dubious over the idea, but there are quite a few customers and it seems to be working. We have a quick beer and some nuts and then head on to Chris’s for a night-cap before retreating to the room to watch Honduras versus Switzerland. The air conditioning is essential. It is still hot at 11pm and forecast to get even hotter tomorrow – we’re experiencing one of those mini-heatwaves even the locals dislike. I saw a little green lizard on the shrine opposite bus stop 20 earlier today and even he said it was too hot.