Today I released my eighth novel. There has to come a point where your willing to release the bird you’ve been nurturing from when it pecked its way out of its egg; throw the thing up in the air and see if it flies.

There’s only so much rewriting I can take. I went through the usual test read process, took a few suggestions on board and dismissed the rest. Maybe I’ll ‘do a Broken’ and published revised versions in the next couple of years but I doubt it this time.

‘Lucky’ is available in printed form on Lulu: HERE right now! and will be available in the Kindle format on Amazon: HERE in the next couple of days.


The blurb is short and sweet (no poem this time!!) – “Orphan Lucy Tasker is searching for answers and guarding a supernatural ability. When the secrets of her father’s last will and testament are revealed she is forced to delve deep into the murky underworld of terrorism and secret security services.”

Author’s Notes – in which I blather on about my influences for this book.

Excerpt – in which Lucy gets an offer she can’t refuse.