Bond in Motion @ London Film Museum

The London Film Museum is around the corner from Covent Garden on Wellington Street and has a boxed-in basement feel, but the exhibition team did a marvellous job of displaying the various iconic Bond vehicles, accessories, video screens and artwork. I was so happy to have stumbled across this exhibition on a night out with friends (I went with Siggy the next day – doors open at 10am and last entry is at 5pm on all days except Saturday when it is 6pm).

I think the photographic evidence speaks for itself, but I’ll provide captions anyway. The photos only show about 2/3rds of what was on show and the main post image is of the car they used for the down the alley side-wheelie in Diamonds Are Forever which was displayed very cleverly on two wheels with neon signs projected across its well-polished paintwork.


Pierce Brosnan’s jet Pack


The Aston Martin they rolled a record breaking amount of times in Casino Royale


The Aston Martin they scratched up in Quantum of Solace


The second most iconic Bond vehicle in the show imho. Loved it!


Not the best, but still an iconic piece from Octopussy


The star of the show. Video walls were really integral to the exhibition providing a visual reminder of the key scenes in each film.


At the time I guess this thing was cutting edge. Now it looks as silly as those huge mobile phones you sometimes see in movies.


Pierce Brosnan’s speedboat that he drove(?) down the Thames in the World Is Not Enough


You tell me. I’m guessing it’s from a Roger Moore film, but I forget.


From the *head shaking* BMW period of Bond.


The remote control Beamer that ended up in the front of the Avis outlet – best place for it!


Sean Connery’s chopper ‘The Little Nellie’ from You Only Live Twice


Timothy Dalton’s Aston Martin and the cello case in the background from The Living Daylights


Slightly blurry bad guy’s Jaguar. Flash photography was not allowed and I was struggled with a gel case on my phone.


The most ridiculous of Q’s inventions – the invisible car.


Roger Moore’s little jet – perhaps the most iconic aircraft to feature in a Bond movie.


Cubbie Broccoli’s Roller which got ditched into a lake


Goldfinger’s roller


One of many storyboards on display on the mezzanine floor


An ID from Quantum of Solace


Vesper (a.k.a. Stephanie Broadchest) and Bond’s passports from the classic Casino Royale


Timothy Dalton’s Bond passport


Pierce Brosnan’s Bond passport – displayed along with some gadgets and the watches from some of the movies.


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