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Having watched numerous tutorial videos, read a lot of reviews and listened to my sister for once I finally realised that Manga Studio 5 might be something I could use to draw some cartoon stuff. It is very early days but here is my second Manga face (the first is too bad to post):


This was drawn using Mark Crilley’s recommended symmetry and while not perfect I am pleased enough with the result to have confidence in doing some character designs for a comic version of one of my books that probably won’t ever see the light of day and probably won’t actually be Manga.

The software is very easy to use in comparison to the Adobe Creative Suite applications which at times I have found can be a total nightmare. Some of the added advantages of Manga Studio are summarised as follows:

  • perspective rulers are easy to set up and use so you can draw 3D backgrounds very easily
  • a 3D pose generator is included which takes the place of a an artist’s mannequin
  • you can import 3D models from other packages
  • speech bubbles are easy to add to drawings – resizing and adding tails is a doddle
  • a page designer for easy frame arrangement is included in the EX version

To help me draw more accurately I ditched the tiny Wacom Bamboo drawing pad I had and bought a Huion Big Size 10×6 Inch Graphics Tablet which is so much better, bigger and cheaper than any other tablet I could find. For the price I am amazed at how good it is.


    1. Thanks for your comments. I can’t think of anything I’ve surpassed you at and I’m frankly blown away by your artwork. You silly!

      1. You’re being too modest. Which of us dropped out of uni after their first year, and who stuck it out and ended up with a doctorate? Whose first book is still sitting unfinished in a cupboard, and who has several published? I could go on… 🙂
        I’m glad to hear you like my artwork. 🙂 I like yours too.

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