So here’s the first of three posts dedicated to MCM Comic Con at Birmingham NEC. I went on the Sunday so got to see Q&A sessions with RJ Mitte, Colin Ford and Cary Elwes. I admit the last two were just from the side because I was busy doing other things but it was great to see the show has become even bigger this year and that there were a lot more bone fide celebs in attendance. The NEC was very busy with at least two other big shows taking place – a motorbike show and a Christmas Gift Fair.

I will post separately about the Q&A’s and Star Wars stuff – of which there was plenty. This post is dedicated to the cosplayers. Thank you for letting me take your photos. I hope you approve. If not let me know and I will remove them off this post.


First Hellboy I’ve seen
Nice to see a few ‘crews’ knocking about this year. I don’t really know a lot of the costumes, so apologies.
Saw a lot of Harley Quinns, Poison Ivy’s and Assassin’s Creed peeps this year. As always (apart from Star Wars stuff) I tend towards those people who appear to have made their own costumes or are a little bit quirkier than normal. Stupid comment number one given that most cosplayers would be regarded as ‘quirky’ by most…
I am assuming this was in honour of “Iron Sky” perhaps the silliest Nazi film of all time.
Never seen Merida from “Brave” before so kudos to you.
Another Disney classic.
This is the sort of thing most people who randomly come across this post from doing a search on the internet are probably after. I’m not sure I wholly approve, but then who am I trying to kid?
Another first – Jay and Silent Bob-tastic!
Mary Poppins? Not sure, but they deserve a vignette.
Lots of Batman people as well, but no convincing Banes.
“You’re all going to die down here!”. His business is life itself.
Smile you’re on candid camera.
Thanks for smiling. No really… thanks. Take a look at some previous year’s photos to see how grumpy some people can look.
Brilliant make up. Odd sign. I’m probably missing something, but it was cool anyway.
That old cosplay conundrum (needs solving) what to do with your bags…?
My camera decided to go all fluffy on this one. They are arms. Almost the oddest costume in the room.
This year’s winners for my favourite costume(s) award go to this trio inspired by Game of Thrones I assume.
Relatively normal in comparison. Should I have done a vignette? Maybe…
Sadly my friend decided to start photo-bombing…
Didn’t get one. Didn’t ask.
I’m beginning to think that I should take the time to ask people what their characters are. “Bloke from work” seems too obvious.
It’s a kind of magic.
obviously promoting “Goldfinger”. Not sure this counts as Cosplay, but I don’t care. I get to tag ‘Bond’ on the post he he…
Aye up! it’s that bloke out of that “Borderlands” game(s) innit. Arekkusu Cosplay no less.
Looks like they had a whale of a time…
Borderline on my Siggy/self-imposed age rule, but I like the frilly cuffs and the lacework. Sue me.
Spotted the hats and the ears in the queue to get in and eventually hunted the wabbit down. only just noticed the fluffy feet – odd!
Mortal Combat!?
Ah. Now what did I say about smiling? Thanks fairy person…
Hurrah one I know! Cloud and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. Aerith’s hair was the bomb, but I managed to completely miss capturing it in this photo because of the angle. Also note photo-bomber again…
I know I should know this chap, but I don’t. His buddy was in the toilets so didn’t get to appear. This is perhaps the only image I haven’t fiddled with in some way; it came out looking splendid.


There were so many wicked costumes this time around, but it was also very busy so I had to be choosey. Hopefully my pictures are fairly representative of the crowd there on Sunday. Star Wars pictures are separate and I dissed off anyone dressed as Poison Ivy or an Assassin on some principle I have now forgotten… A shout out to 007magazine, Arekkusu Cosplay, Kismet Cosplay, no-Limit-Cosplay, Lonely Red Planet, Zagone Studios and the mostly harmless Barry Bulsara (more on Barry in the Star Wars post if I remember…).