Perhaps egged on by the imminent release of a new Blur album which some would say is named after a collection of poetry not ice-cream and reading Mark Forsyth, I wrote this little pretty pretty last night. A low-calorie intake does something to the brain. Alphabetically powered by Google.

Scrabble babble, toil and tribble

The automotive association strikes back
at Manx race war with AT-ATs
while Bobo and Coco
swim the Chanel
employing paired peds as paddles.

Eh Eh (nothing else to say) –
it’s full fathom five
for Fifi’s funky depression
since the age of eleven
The lady on the radio is gaga
Simpsons’ Muntz memes ‘Ha ha!’

Isis blesses health, marriage and el-Sisi
Jaja gets Boba fans pissy
Let’s have a kiki down by the Dee
Po and Laa-Laa can drinky-winky
While Lulu and Lisa get tipsy.

I Caught 22 my my’s with Major Major
Nana used No! No!
Filmed it on a Go Pro
Puts on preppy Pepe jeans –
she digs the passé denim scene.

Cue Quo Quo hip-hop
or rock; two albums one stop
Riri rich as Richie Rich
sues Top Shop over a tee
to The The Toto of three point three.

Uhuh mean yes unless
you have to dash –
then it means no you gotta go
buy some very very teriyaki
from a wu wu sippin’ Wawa we we.

If Muntz was Russian or Greek,
then ‘Xa xa!’ he would speak.
Yo-yo throw it around the world
and walk the dog.
If Ouija meet Zozo pray to God.