Today the sun returned with a vengeance. We relaxed on a couple of sunbeds beside the hotel pool. I have been sleeping intermittently but deeply in patches thanks to my earplugs and no thanks to the dogs and cockerels that seem to surround the hotel with unpredictable flourishes of noise throughout the night.  Despite the over-exuberant children messing about in and around the pool I managed to catch up on my sleep.

While I think about it here are some 2015 details (which may have to change from Euros if Greece pulls out of the EU!) for The Mayflower’s extras:

  • Aircon = 10 Euros (for 2 units) per night
  • Safe deposit box = 12 Euros per week, 17 Euros for ten days
  • Late checkout (if available, until 6pm) = 20 Euros
  • Clean towels every other day. Bedsheets are changed twice a week.
  • Food served: 8am – 9pm
  • Drinks served: 8am – 2am

I finished ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ which I’ll talk about in a later post along with the other books I read on holiday. I started ‘Sharpe’s Trafalgar’ by Bernard Cornwell – it wouldn’t be a holiday without at least one Cornwell book. I have to admit now that Sharpe has been my guilty secret and ‘Sharpe’s Trafalgar’ is just a continuation in my reading of this series rather than a one-off for holiday. I have been picking them up from various charity shops during the last year and reading them in between those books I have written blog posts about. They’ve all been great so far but I don’t want to have to write a post about each one – I learned my lesson with the Bond series which became a trial.

The white chocolate covered Oreos are almost finished and other treats today included a cookie Boss ice cream lolly, a vanilla milkshake and a surprisingly refreshing Fanta lemon. Two fingers to MyFitnessPal. Also I didn’t do any swimming today as the pool was very busy and I just wanted to finish ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

A few days after this we met a nice elderly couple from the Manchester area who use the pool at the Mayflower but who were staying at the Marianna. The gent spotted me reading the Sharpe novel and offered me ‘Sharpe’s Rifles’ that he was due to finish. I declined as I already have it waiting on my shelves at home. It also turns out he did adult swimming lessons the same as me. We talked to them on and off during our holiday and on our last night we bumped into them at Tirbouson cocktail bar which is part of the Marianna. He recommended I listen to a band called The Pretty Things when I get home – I am doing so now via Spotfiy and enjoying their stuff.

We are going on a trip to see a volcano tomorrow so we didn’t stay out late tonight. We went to Vasilis taverna and ate a BBQ pizza and drank some Mythos. It was excellent stuff and the tavern is a potential revisit if time allows. There’s a number of pizzerias in Tigaki, but this one came highly recommended.

Vasilis signage, Tigaki
Vasilis signage, Tigaki

They were playing an Eighties megamix at Memories which we turned into a game of ‘name that tune’ while we supped Bailey’s milkshakes.

Photos (c) 2015 Matthew Haynes