Kos 2015 – Day 9 – Treading water

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Some people arrived at the hotel last night who thought it would be okay to have their music on really loud and shout a lot in the apartment next door to us. So around midnight I had reached the end of my tightly tethered patience and asked reception to ask them to shut the fuck up (or words to that effect) which they kindly did. Didn’t meet our neighbours and didn’t hear much from them for the rest of the holiday. I’d like to note here that I wasn’t just thinking of me and Siggy when I made the complaint as I know that the family who run the Mayflower live above the four apartments in our block and would also be able to hear the noise. This is also the reason why we chose not to report the ‘bulge’ in the shower room – I felt that we’d already caused the nice people at the hotel enough bother for one holiday.

Flowers at the Mayflower
Flowers at the Mayflower

Today at the pool I was trying to figure out which of the newcomers were the noisy pair, but I only got one confirmed sighting of one of them on their balcony a number of days later. I thought a girl was giving me evils at one point from across the pool but I’m sure I was mistaken (incidentally she subsequently photo-bombed one of our coupley photos we asked Mike to do in Memories Bar – so kudos to you whoever you were). I like a good photo bomb.

We stayed at the pool all day contemplating the increasing windy weather. It might have been this day that a huge parliament (is that the right collective known? It felt more like a ‘swarm’ if I’m honest) of crows, maybe a hundred if my exaggeration chip is properly seated today, swirled around the air currents above the hotel moving from one congregationary perch to another; playing musical perches to the tune of their staccato calls. Wish I had had my camera on me. It was tres Stephen King (I’m thinking of The Dark Half).

Talking of books I finished “Scar Tissue” and moved on to Philip Pullman’s “The Amber Spyglass” – more about these in another post. I think I read “Northern Lights” last summer holiday and obviously “The Subtle Knife” in between.

Despite the wind it was very hot today and two vanilla milkshakes, a litre of water and repeated dips in the pool were required to avoid heat stroke.

Hercules taverna, Tigaki
Hercules taverna, Tigaki

Food in the evening was at the unpretentious and perfectly adequate Hercules Taverna. It’s not the most initially inviting of places given that it’s one of those establishments that has big colour photos of the food up alongside the menu but I have to say I enjoyed the food there a lot more than at Meni or Oneiros and the staff were very attentive and friendly. I had a very tasty chicken souvlaki followed by the Greek interpretation of a tiramisu which was quite blancmangey in places but very edible all the same. Big tip and a potential revisit.

Chicken souvlaki at Hercules taverna, Tigaki
Chicken souvlaki at Hercules taverna, Tigaki

We went to the dramatically lit Rendevous bar for cocktails (same average price as pretty much all the bars – 5 Euros) and enjoyed the Billy Ocean and Boney M soundtrack for a while. Then we paced ourselves at memories despite free shots with our cappuccinos as we’re on another trip tomorrow.

Windswept cocktails at Rendevous bar, Tigaki
Windswept cocktails at Rendevous bar, Tigaki

There was a horse and trap going up and down the main thoroughfare this evening. I can’t think of anything more awful and felt sorry for the horse having to breathe in all the exhaust fumes from scooters, quad bikes, cars and buses – all of which made no effort to slow down while overtaking the forlorn creature and its grinning cargo of holidaymakers with a warped idea of fun.

All photos: Copyright 2015 Matthew Haynes



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