I suppose this post is a kind of apology and moreover an explanation as to why my posts have been rather infrequent of late. it’s ironic I guess to say that my silence on this blog is because I have been spending my time writing. Writing is pretty much my day job these days and so I had been struggling to do anything of worth towards completing my collection of short stories when I got home. Recently however something has changed, perhaps I have found inspiration from Adam Roberts’ excellent collection of short stories cheekily entitled Adam Robots and perhaps also from all the excellently quirky and singular anime series and indie sci-fi films I have been watching recently on Netflix; whatever it is I have had a very productive few weeks despite being as busy as ever at work.

It helps to have come up with some rather interesting ideas which while, as usual, are not wholly original, are original to me. Too many commas? Perhaps. Why this happened now rather than a year ago is again a bit of a mystery, but a nice one. I think it helped to force myself into a corner by ditching a couple of ideas for stories that simply weren’t working and were too tied to stuff I had done in the past. There is still some stuff related to ‘Muta’ and ‘Broken’ in the mix, but there’s other stuff no-one will ever see because I decided to scrap it. It was quite motivational. I’m not sure if what I was going through could be called ‘writer’s block’ but I certainly lost my passion to do any ‘proper’ writing for some time and I’m sure those of you that read my blog will agree that my posts aren’t what could be described as ‘proper’ writing.

As well as Adam Robots I guess the excellent Cloud Atlas has helped, as it is a bit like a short story collection and most certainly is ‘proper’ writing of the highest calibre. I’ve mentioned this already in another post, so I won’t repeat myself, and I am beginning to ramble… suffice to say that a reasonably normal blog service will be resumed at some point and I will have another book in the bag; I expect that The Sun and the Rainfall will see the light of day either before Christmas or early next year. Unless of course I have more ideas…