Bad Blood

After publishing my collection of short stories, I am going back to the novel form for my next book. The short stories were a way of giving myself a respite from the slog of writing a full-length story and also gave me a way of discovering what themes and ideas were important to me. I also didn’t have an idea that I deemed good enough to fill a novel.

Inspiration dawned after I had finished The Sun and the Rainfall and I set about starting to roughly map out the plot/timeline and characters for a new novel set in the same ‘universe’ as Lucky and Broken.

The working title was The Girl with the Bowie Eyes and indeed I was set on this for some time until I realised that (a) there really are too many books using that title format (after the success of the Millennium Trilogy a.k.a. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series) (b) David Bowie’s estate might not be happy with me using his name on a title of a book, and (c) it didn’t fit in with other titles in the ‘universe’. I went so far as to ‘put it out there’ in a blog post.

Various titles, mostly one word adjectives, are now accumulating in my notebook and will remain under wraps while I figure it out.

There will be a girl with eyes like David Bowie in the novel, but she will not be the main character. That responsibility is taken up by her boyfriend an ex-soldier injured in Afghanistan. In the same vein as Danny O’Brien and Lucy Tasker in the preceding novels the boyfriend discovers that he has a supernatural talent and has to deal with the consequences of that talent and his situation as the story progresses.

Writing as of mid-March 2016 is going very well but I expect that I will slow down when I get to the real meat of the book (and perhaps when I finally buy a Sony PS4). I don’t expect that this project will come to fruition as a self-published Kindle e-book until some time in the third quarter of 2017.

Update (July 2017)
So Q3 2017 is upon us and where is the book? Well, I’m currently proofing the first full draft and then it will go off to tame test reader so I can gauge if the story ‘works’ or not. In the mean time, here is the subtlest of title reveals. It’s going to be called Bad Blood – and while that sounds very generic it makes perfect sense for what happens in the story – from a number of angles.

Update (October 2017)
I gave my tame reader a copy to take on holiday with him and then read it through again myself, realised it wasn’t good enough and texted him to put a halt to proceedings. While he was away I sat down and pulled the thing apart and put it back together in a much better structure with less mistakes. he now has a copy I am happy for him to read through and based on his feedback I will hopefully have it out by the end of this year…