The Girl with the Bowie Eyes

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Hopefully you might notice a new menu item up top. I want to get this proposed title out here and dated. reason being is I don’t want someone else to claim it before I’m done writing. This may not be the best way of registering my intent and part of me fears that in some kind of Tourette’s moment it’s the worse thing to do to ‘blurt’ it out in public before the book is done. Let’s see…

There’s plenty of ‘The Girl…’ books and I’m not trying to jump on the bandwagon. The title just seems the most appropriate to the story I am currently writing.

The main character isn’t in fact the titular girl but the boyfriend of the girl. Based in the same universe as ‘Broken’ and ‘Lucky’ (and ‘The Magpie Diaries’) this book probably won’t see the light of day on Amazon until this time next year at the earliest.

I might as well come right out an announce my intentions to also do a novel featuring Danny O’Brien, Lucy Tasker and the main character from this work in progress as a triple-whammy sequel. That book is of course just a twinkle in the eye of my mind for now while I concentrate on the research and writing of The Girl with the Bowie Eyes.

UPDATE (18 March 2016) – changed my mind! See this page for more details 🙂

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