Esperos restaurant café bar, Tigaki, Kos Island, Greece

The name of this restaurant, situated on the coast road of Tigaki a stone’s throw from the beach, means ‘of evening’ and was the name of the evening star (Venus). I’m sure it’s open all day though 🙂

I had chicken souvlaki and Siggy had a stuffed burger – both very much staples on the menus of eateries in Kos. There is a nice view of Dikeo mountain if you sit on the more open-air side of the restaurant and given that it was 35 degrees centigrade when we sat down at half past seven in the evening that’s precisely what we did. The children’s playground was very busy at that time and there was still quite a bit of traffic passing by on the road behind me; so it wasn’t the most relaxed of meals we’ve had.

We had a bit of dalliance with the ‘authentic’ Indian curries available on the menu before ordering our traditional dishes (they also claim to do some Thai dishes too). We also ordered some garlic bread (Siggy having suddenly acquired a taste for it) which took an inordinate amount of time to arrive – like maybe they were using a candle to cook it or baking it from scratch first.

The chips that came with our meals were simply awesome (like my family used to cook in the Seventies before frozen chips arrived on the scene) and the rice was simply superfluous and remained untouched.

Siggy’s stuffed burger was clearly homemade with a mixture of feta cheese, vegetables and onions inside it. It’s pleasing not to see any pre-made from-frozen stuffed burgers – we have had some in the past in Skiathos and they taste like something from an Iceland frozen foods store – full of low grade meat and cereal padding. My souvlaki was a little on the tough side for chicken, but I’d rather it be properly cooked through than be pink in the middle.

Last year, almost to the day, after a walk over to Marmari – Tigaki’s neighbouring resort – we went to Esperos for our evening meal. I had a mixed souvlaki and Siggy had a Greek salad. We could vaguely make out the sunset from the taverna.

…The sky was lit with lots of different shades of orange and it might have been romantic if it wasn’t for the fact that a German family with two young babies hadn’t decided to sit right next to us despite the place being at least half empty…

All photography (c) Matthew Haynes.