It was very hot and humid today – 36C at around 3pm. We spent most of the day by the pool again and had bit of a swim this morning.

After lunch (crackers and whatnot) we went back to the travel place and rearranged a boat trip to the neighbouring island Kalymnos to tomorrow, Kefalos to Saturday and Kardemina to Monday. The arrangements were different originally but meant we had to forfeit one of the trips. Anyway to cut a long story short this meant we could do all the trips we wanted to do.

We went to the pharmacy to get Siggy some travel sickness pills in preparation for the boat trip. The girl in the pharmacy echoed what the girl in the travel company office had said in that she would love to come with us to Kalymnos, which bodes well for the trip.

On the way back to the hotel we saw that they had finished putting the new sign on the bakery and celebrated with a doughnut. It turned out to be pretty dry and not a patch on the ones the donut man sells on the beach.

We dined at Sagittarius restaurant and enjoyed a couple of cheeky cocktails at Tarbousin. Then it was on to Memories for the first half of the Group D matches and to Rendezvous bar for the second half where I moved back onto beer.

We both felt hot and full tonight. In Memories, Mike and Yianna were as welcoming as ever and we would have stayed there but it was too humid and smoky. A group of women in their late forties came in while we were there and all lit up fags and stared at social media updates on their phones. Again, like the Russian hookers, not talking to one another. Really sociable.

In Rendezvous it was like a soap opera with a couple of people falling out with another couple. Also there was a bit of a panic when some of the kids in another family group spotted a cockroach and spilled their slushy cocktails. It was the first one I had seen in many years of coming to Greece on my holidays. It ran off under the pool table, between pots of basil and off into the night.

It was all a bit distracting when all I wanted to do was watch Spain v Croatia. They got beat 2-1 but they’re still through to the next stage. Turkey beat the Czech Republic 2-0 and so I’m not sure how the group pans out. I brought my Euro 2016 wall planner with me but without my mobile phone (and Siggy only switching hers on now and again) gaps are beginning to crop up. I managed to find a news channel on the dodgy TV set in our room which had ticker tape news feed along the bottom of the screen so hopefully that will help me figure out who plays who next.