Vasilis Restaurant (and Mythos Apartments bar), Tigaki, Kos Island, Greece (23 and 25 June)

Vasilis (or if you like Vassillis or Vasillis – their signage varies) serve excellent handmade pizza from a wood oven, Greek and Italian cuisine and fish – although this appeared to be mostly from frozen or extortionately expensive if fresh. Last year we went twice, both times for pizza, and this year we doubled up again (mainly due to the timing of Euro 2016 football fixtures). The pizzas are great and this year, unlike last year, maybe because of the timing of our visits, the service wasn’t any slower than normal.

Vasilis signage, Tigaki

On both occasions this year we had a pollo pizza which knocks the one we buy regularly freshly made from Tesco out of the park – and it’s mostly down to the quality of the base and the chicken they use.

The service is excellent if a little brusque at times and the place can get busy serving families from the adjoining Mythos Apartments (and cooking pizza for takeaway). On both occasions we were served by a waiter who looks like a young Greek Sean Connery with a pony tail (not as long as Connery had in the film Zardos but you get the idea).

The restaurant is quite airy with big fans and half the area ‘roofed’ by two flat canopied mature olive trees. With two large Alphas on the go and despite the heat and the prattle of kids it can be relaxing. I’ll talk about the cats and kittens in a separate post on my ‘sister’ blog

Traditional Greek music was playing over the speakers and Siggy was pleased to finally hear a version of ‘Zorba the Greek’. It is usually a ubiquitous tune when we’re on holiday but had been markedly elusive to our ears until now.

Revani and the cheesecake lurking in the background

On the first visit, for dessert I had revani (a deliciously moist orange and coconut semolina cake) served with light honey and ice cream and Siggy had cheesecake. The cheesecake had a very light cheese section perhaps a 50:50 mix of cream and mascarpone and a chunky almost shortbread base. With complimentary drinks (schnapps for us) the bill came to a very reasonable 22 euros.

The second visit was a rushed affair because of the football, but our Connery doppelganger wasn’t fazed and introduced us to Kostas at the bar of Mythos Apartments where they were showing the football in quite pleasant poolside surroundings. Kostas is by the way a very amiable character who makes very nice cocktails.

Long island ice tea and a strawberry woo woo (I think :)) at the Mythos Apartments bar

I can also recommend the Dune Bug cocktail.

All photography (c) Matthew Haynes.