I’m going to keep this real simple for a change. I saw Deadpool a few days ago (borrowed from a friend as opposed to a rental) and have to say that it was everything I had hoped it would be after the intense marketing campaign that surrounded the film’s launch.
I was worried that because Disney owns Marvel that the film was going to be less than the R-Rated masterpeice it is. From the get-go (the opening credits) you know this is going to be post-modern 4th wall breaking anarchic subversive stuff. For me it was like watching Ted but when Ted is a kickass Marvel character with superhuman powers and a smart mouth. There’s a reference to getting it sewn up which harks back to Ryan Reynold’s previous play at the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – a character that deserved a lot more than it got in that film.
Thankfully X-Men Origins: Wolverine is pretty much forgotten unless Reynolds is ripping the piss out of it in one of his many ‘to camera’ moments. Reynolds is amazing in this – more Voices than Green Lantern which I hope now he can truly put behind him. Deadpool is just brilliant all the way to the end-credit sequence where he once again takes the piss out of the Marvel bandwagon. My favourite bit (if I was forced at gunpoint to choose) is the line about killing a guy’s cat, the guy says that he doesn’t have a cat and Deadpool asks with a shrug ‘well who’s kitty litter did I just take a crap in?’ (or something like that – these seeming throwaway lines in the genius script are great). They also did a good job of getting facial expressions onto a seemingly inanimate mask and avoiding the dialogue muffling effects of the mask as experienced in Nolan’s Batman trilogy (and alluded to in another to-camera comment by Reynolds).

The images here are dodgy Photoshop jobs of one photo I took at a ComicCon in Birmingham which featured three friends all in Deadpool costumes. The one with the Playboy bunny ears is a girl and I apologise for removing her hair – but you know how difficult hair can be when you’re tinkering with images. wickedcoolandy is the second photo of these three. He would want me to say that. Cheers!