Moomba RIP

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Sad news today. After 16 years of antipodean food joy, Moomba, the Australian restaurant in Loughborough has closed for business.

Their Facebook page says “With deep regret we announce the closure of Moomba. Thank you for the memories. We will miss you”. Heres a link to their website with their goodbye message:

Well I’ll miss you guys too. Especially the white chocolate tiramisu with the shortcake biscuit on the side which was the second best tiramisu I’ve ever tasted.

They did some great meaty dishes, good burgers, featuring kangaroo and crocodile, Mediterranean influenced salads and dips, good local beer and Australian beer.

I’m also a little tinsy winsy bit peeved that Siggy and I were each one stamp away from filling our loyalty cards and getting a free meal out of you. Hey ho!

The reason? Well perhaps it might have something to do with all the chains opening up around the new Cineworld cinema driving them out of business. Maybe. See my earlier run of ‘Here come the chains!’ posts.

I am now fearful for the even older ‘sister’ restaurant The Cactus cafe especially since one of the chains yet to open in the new cinema complex is a Mexican outfit.

Update: we have been told on good authority that the restaurant had only been intermittently profitable over the last few years and although it was a difficult decision the owner thought it was time to cut his losses and concentrate on his other ventures.


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