Hogging the limelight

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The Hog Stop, Loughborough

The Hog Stop was set up by the owner of (now defunkt) Moomba and The Cactus Cafe in a converted bush shelter in the rushes area of Loughborough. The street food cafe is inspired by the porchetta trucks of Italy, that travel around selling slow-cooked pork in ciabatta sandwiches, and the traditional British hog roast so popular in places such as York. The Hog Stop uses locally sourced outdoor-bred pork, slow-cooked overnight to give the tenderest meat and excellent flavours.


When we visited we opted for the traditional roll with homemade apple sauce, crackling and stuffing. The buns were nice and fresh, with a belly busting amount of pork, nice salty and noisy crackling and freshly cooked sage and onion stuffing. There was no problem with dripping fat and just the smallest (medium) ‘piglet’ option was enough to fill me up.

Other options include garlic, fennel, chilli and rosemary sauce; apple coleslaw and BBQ sauce; Chinese hoisin sauce; actually, I’ll just show you the board:


The prices are what you would expect from street food and combined with the excellent quality it’s no surprise that this little place has garnered a great following on Trip Advisor.

I’m certainly going to go back soon, now we’ve ‘popped our cherry’, and try the beef brisket roll. The Hog Stop is a great use of an abandoned bus stop and the food gave me great memories of wandering around the historic streets of York without the touristic price tag.

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