Inspired by a stationary nodding dog in the back of a parked car at work this morning, I started writing this on my iPhone as I walked from car park, to office, to desk and sat down ready for a day’s work. Wrote the last three verses back at home avoiding writing the ‘2016/2017 project’ (actually going okay) and of course, of course, of course it took far longer to write the final four lines than it took to write the rest of the poem.


A nodding dog

I feel like a nodding dog

taken for a ride

I’m staring back at you

Please look into my eyes


See through the glass

Of the window of the car

I wonder might I ask

Are you going far?


Do you have a thought?

A destination in mind?

Would it bother you

If I’m not that kind?


I will be sitting here

Always doing my best

Quick to agree

to anything you suggest.