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The Printroom a small restaurant bar on a one-way road (Woodgate) opposite the Beehive multi-storey car park. On a Saturday lunchtime it has a relaxed ‘ladies who lunch’ style atmosphere and an older clientele than say Browns Lane. There’s the usual wooden tables for two or four but also down one side they have trendy suede seating – excellent for cleaning the smears off your phone screen. The music at a low volume is modern easy listening pop.

The bar adjoins the small kitchen visible through a large serving hatch. They have Peroni on draft, cocktails and an extensive wine list. I ordered a tall slender glass of reassuringly expensive Peroni despite it being an early lunch  – ooh get me! I think I was trying to compensate for only having had a Diet Coke in the Organ Grinder (a good real ale pub just down the same road) just before. While I was in the Organ grinder I read an article in the Leicester Mercury about The Basin (an asian fusion place in Loughborough that does passable sushi and wicked pad thai) which made no mention of the haphazard service in the place or the noise… anyway that’s another story…

Back in the Printroom… Siggy decided quickly what she wanted whereas I found it difficult to decide between the three burgers, the salads or a wrap. Siggy opted for the soup of the day – cream of mushroom – and I eventually (with the waiter hovering pen poised over pad) chose the grilled halloumi and beetroot salad.

Grilled halloumi and beetroot salad

The only improvement to the salad might have been to swap out the red onion with walnuts. I picked the onion out and concentrated on cutting up the big chunks of orange and purple beetroot and the lumps of squeaky grilled cheese doused in a sweet balsamic vinegar dressing.

Both the soup and the salad featured tasty brown bread croutons. In the salad the crunch worked well with the squeaky halloumi. The mixed leaves including beetroot leaves, lambs lettuce and rocket and those purple leaves that everyone pretends to like but no-one really does. They must be healthy though because the taste do awful right?

Soup of the day was mushroom

The soup came with fresh ciabatta and a bit of butter. The aromatic and flavoursome soup was super hot and satisfyingly mushroomy.

We used the fact that I intended to write this post to justify us having some desserts. Choices we didn’t opt for included Belgian chocolate tart, brioche and butter pudding with custard and a fancy cheeseboard. There were also coffees, teas and dessert wines on offer.

The Snickers cheesecake certainly had the X factor

Siggy had the chef’s special cheesecake – in this instance a Snickers cheesecake – an inspired peanuty chocolatey mixture with a nice chunky base and creamy topping.

Another tricky dish in terms of making it look attractive in a photo – sticky toffee pudding in hot toffee sauce with ice cream

I had the sticky toffee pudding. The simple cake like pudding (a robust non-stodgy sponge) had no obvious nuts of dates involved in its making but they might have been food processed into oblivion during the mixing. The hot rich toffee sauce was the best thing on the plate with the ice cream looking and tasting like standard bought-in yellow vanilla ice cream with a few ice crystals hinting at freezer issues.

The food was reasonably priced for the quality – better prices and more attention to detail than Browns Lane nearby – and they had good friendly service in a relaxing atmosphere. Here’s a photo of the lunchtime menu:

Notice that the restaurant can’t decide whether it’s the Printroom or the Print Room…


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