I’m not a huge fan of white wine or French wine for that matter, but when it’s free then I’m willing to give it a try and this wine looked kind of funky with it’s fake handwritten scrawling over the label.

I came across this wine among my list of things I didn’t want to review on an online shopping site that this post is not an advert for 🙂 Usually I stick to any bottle of rose I can get from Tesco for around £6 or sometimes red wine at a restaurant. Many moons ago I used to drink a lot of red and got quite ‘up’ on what wines were best from the Sainsbury’s supermarket that I lived 5 minutes meander from. I used to prefer Californian, Chilean, South African or Australian wines. These days I stick most to beer and spirits at home.


The wine arrived quickly from the ladies in the jungle. It was contained in a huge box, making me think I was getting more than one bottle, a load of packing paper, a smaller box and a polystyrene protective sleeve. I popped the bottle in the fridge and wondered when Siggy and I could drink it. I had to take out the bottle of Bailey’s that was in the fridge door to make room for it and I hoped it would be worth it (because no-one wants to drink warm Bailey’s).

The wine was very dry and fruity with what I’m stretching to describe as a petrol aftertaste. It reminded me a lot of strong champagne without the bubbles. Siggy also found it dry, a bit fruity with a bit of vinegary taste to it.

So it’s not exactly a glowing recommendation but I just thought I’d share that with you. A case of three bottles from the ladies in the jungle will set you back about £27 and so at £9 a pop I would have expected something a bit more palatable.

Winemaker James-Paul Marin who makes this range of wine has a very nice website here: http://www.enfantterriblewines.com