Tesco Meal Deal No. 4

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It became a bit of a habit in 2016 for me to take advantage of the £10 mix and match deal at my local Tesco supermarket. Here’s a quick rundown of another set of dishes that I selected for Siggy and I to eat prior to the Christmas festivities.

For the main dish we had lasagne. Cooked in the oven the cheese got nice and crispy and so too did the edges of the pasta – rendering some very nice ‘crispy bits’ we so enjoy. The mince didn’t really taste all that special and while the pasta tasted good the sauces weren’t anything to be blown away by. Sure it was a whole lot easier than cooking it from scratch but I’m not sure it deserved the label ‘Finest’.

The side dish this time around were some peas and Chantenay carrots. These were excellent – in a buttery and minty sauce which complemented the vegetables well – and were a piece of piss to cook in the microwave without losing too much texture.

Dessert was a couple of Swiss chocolate sponges with soft centres. Cooked in a foil tin in the main oven for not very long they weren’t as moist as i would have liked and would have benefited from some whipped cream or ice-cream. Again I managed not to plan ahead and so we ate them as they came washed down with some vino.

The Wine Route labelled wine was a very fruity tasting and bubbly South African Western Cape Moscata and perhaps the star of the show. It was a lot nicer than more expensively priced champagnes and would have suited a fish dish rather than the lasagne. The bottle featured a sophisticated plastic pressure seal which was a whole lot easier to open than the traditional cork.


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