I worry that Tesco is going to run out of dishes for us to try out on a Friday night, but they seem to be keeping pace with this blog quite well in providing unique items for £10.

The main dish was a cod mornay made with tangy mature cheddar in a smooth sauce with a hint of Dijon mustard. The side dish was a root vegetable gratin made with potato, parsnip and sweet potato. There was supposed to be a hint of nutmeg and star anise in the sauce but that was probably overpowered by the fish and cheese. It also contained chopped sweet chestnuts on top in the gratin topping.

There wasn’t enough sauce in either of the two dishes and the gratin was very dry as a result. Imagine eating slices of reheated roast spuds without any moisture. It’s a good job we had some wine. You’d think.

The wine was a South African pinot grigio, as usual supplied by Wine Route. it was very dry and crisp but didn’t have a great flavour – it was far to vinegary for either of us to enjoy. In fact it embodied everything that I fine wrong about white wine. I much prefer rose or red. it was disappointing because I have enjoyed pinot grigio before and not found it all vinegary.

Pudding was an absolute joy. I had a chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake slice and Siggy enjoyed the raspberry and prosecco cheesecake slice. Finally (it’s about time!) I remembered to also buy some single cream to have on the dessert, but to be honest it didn’t really need the topping. The chocolate was deep and rich in flavour and the base was nice and biscuity. Great stuff.