The Breezy Bagel Co.

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Inside the cafe slash vintage shop we found a mixture of students, pensioners, families and middle aged couples. The place had quite a noisy atmosphere especially as both times we went there were ‘bam bam’ kids present, so not overly  relaxing. There’s definitely an attempt at a hipster vibe which is unusual for Loughborough.

One corner of the space was dedicated to retro computer games, a pillar near the floor scraping chairs and tables of various designs and sizes had a Scalectrix running around it, and there were racks of magazines and piles of second hand books.  The music on our first visit consisted of the likes of The Style Council and Roxy Music, on the second visit unidentifiable hiphop and ambient house. Eclectic I guess you’d call it.

All the food and drinks were very reasonably priced and the staff a little erratic but very friendly and well-meaning. The toilets are unisex which seemed to be throwing a few people, and if you visit watch out for the small step down; it’s hip jarring if you don’t spot it.

The first time we visited Siggy had a bacon and cheese bagel and I had a brie and bacon bagel. We also had a couple of unusual sodas which I am told are a dime a dozen in that London, but I’d not seen them before in the Midlands.

The bacon was a little undercooked but went very well with the cheese and the cranberry sauce rounded it off nicely. It was a messy eat and washed down well with the sugary drink.

The second time we went Siggy had a tuna, mayo and cucumber bagel and I had a chicken, sweet chilli, rocket and roasted red pepper bagel. Again I got filling everywhere and Siggy agreed that have a soft squidgy filling in a relatively tough toasted bagel wasn’t conducive to clean mitts.

The food, for all the trappings of the place, is very simple comfort food. The drinks are generously sized for the price – we had a couple of good lattes the second time we went, and they also have a selection of home made cakes. The millionaire’s shortbread was satisfyingly sweet with a rich shortbread base and creamy caramel layer.

All in all, if you can put up with the somewhat uncomfortable surroundings (there are a few sofas and easy chairs, but they always seemed to be occupied by lounging students) then it’s a good place to eat lunch. Also you’ll be doing some good for the community as the cafe and vintage shop, have their roots in Loughborough’s homeless charity the Falcon Centre. Find out more here.

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