37 Dawson Street, Dublin

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37 Dawson Street is a cafe bar and late night venue with a whiskey bar. The decor is amazing and it’s worth a visit even if you just pop in for a quick drink. Siggy and I visited on a wet Friday afternoon for some lunch. We plonked ourselves down in some big comfortable seats like a booth at a metal topped table.


I ordered a club sandwich and Siggy went for the soup of the day which was leek and potato. The jazz music was annoying me, but I was happy to be out of the rain.


The club sandwich was excellent – served toasted and hot so the cheese had melted. It was a bit messy with onion jam and beef tomato and I ended up deconstructing it and using my knife and fork. The rocket side salad rocket had nice dressing and some sun dried tomatoes. Siggy said that the potato and leek soup, and the bread, was very nice and not too salty, but I thought maybe the portion size was a bit wee.

I noticed the sweets behind the bar and asked our waitress if they were for sale. She said no, but gave us a cup to take away with us. Free sweets, yay!


Here’s their excellent website: http://37dawsonstreet.ie.


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