Wards End Bistro @ Loughborough

Once upon a time, in a Loughborough far far away, this place used to be called The Custard Bar and it served a good Caesar salad and amazing nachos. Then it changed in a bar / nightclub under various names, went downhill and closed. Now it has opened back up as a light an airy restaurant.

We only went for lunch so this is going to be quite a quick post, but I had my phone on me so I thought what the hell, I’ll do a post about it.

We went upstairs, as it was quite noisy downstairs, and sat on a table alongside the metal rail at the front of the restaurant, so it was rather like being on a mezzanine floor or balcony. The view isn’t up to much, but the vantage point was good for people watching. I was conscious if I dropped a piece of cutlery it might end up stabbing someone sat at the table below us as our floor was set back a foot or so from downstairs.

The light jazz that was playing coupled with the retro chic decor helped to create a sense of sophisticated calmness very much lacking when you step back outside into a damp Saturday, market day, in Loughborough. The kitchen is upstairs requiring the busy waitress to spend a lot of time going up and down the stairs, but also meant we got served pretty quickly once our food was ready.

There was a big drinks menu, but as it was lunchtime we just ordered a couple of Diet Cokes. To eat, Siggy ordered a cheese sandwich and vegetable soup and I opted for a chicken and avocado sandwich with fries. The Diet Coke came in bottles which I don’t particularly like in comparison to draught.

They appear to be aiming at the same sort of clientele as Browns Lane and the Print Room based on the items on their menu.

The bread used for the sandwiches was nice and soft. The fries appeared to be freshly made rather than cooked from frozen and tasted like chippy chips – excellent but a tad greasy (hence the comparison to chippy chips). Inside the sandwich was a good ratio of avocado to chicken, but I helped moisten the sandwich with some mayonnaise.

Siggy had a small chunter about the frugal amount grated cheese in her sandwich, but the vegetable soup had a deep rustic flavour and she seemed satisfied overall.

While perusing their menus I noticed that they do Afternoon Tea for a tenner which seems very reasonable and we might very well give it a go sometime.


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