Fenways @ Loughborough

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Fenways is a new burger restaurant opposite Pizza Express and next door to Ryans in Loughborough. It used to be a pub/club which went by many different names (e.g. Mansion, The George) but always seemed to struggle financially. The insides have been totally refurbished and the modern retro chic airy atmosphere renders it almost indistinguishable from it’s previous incarnations.

Apart from McDonalds and Meet Burger, there isn’t really a big ‘burger place’ in Loughborough so it seems a canny business decision to open Fenways especially close to all the other newer chain restaurants around the Cineworld cinema.

The food is very good. Comparable to similar burger places I have visited in Nottingham such as Red’s True BBQ, Annie’s and Red Dog Saloon. The manchet burger buns are tasty and the shredded brisket is the best I have have for a long time. Here’s a menu:


And here’s the flip side showing some of the drinks (there’s a separate cocktail menu – prices are around the £6.50 mark):


Siggy ordered pulled pork and cheese sweet potato fries and I opted for the Fenways burger with shredded brisket fries.


We waited around 30min for the food to arrive which, because they were only about half full on a Bank Holiday Monday, seemed to be verging on slow. The portion sizes were good and Siggy was pleased with her loaded fries.


As you can see the Fenway burger is manageable (unlike some of the stacked burgers which require some dismantling or a dislocating jaw to eat). It contained sliced pickles, tomatoes, the burger (a bit pink inside which I provided feedback to the waiter about when we were paying the bill – it’s dangerous and they should know that), some lettuce and parsley (nice touch) and yellow burger relish. The fries where cooked skin on and were darker than I like but very tasty. The red cabbage and onion side was also a good accompaniment and both the in-house barbecue and chilli sauces are tasty.

Given that it was a holiday, we also had desserts. I chose the sticky toffee pudding and Siggy went for the baked cheesecake.


Served like most things in Fenways on an enamelled dish (these felt like dog bowls) the cheesecake went down without any complaints.


The sticky toffee pudding came with a rich sauce and some nice ice-cream topped with some brown sugared crumbliness and a few berries. The portion size was just right given that we’d just troughed out on burgers and fries.

As you would expect for a restaurant that has just opened the service was ultra-friendly without being ultra-slick. I think the issue over the time it took to get our food was mainly down to a large party being served before us and the kitchen hitting a very busy period. We will definitely be visiting again, but I may ask for my burger to be well done as a precaution.

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