A lazy Sunday on the beach started with quite a late breakfast. Good news was the orange juice was flowing once more and I had a small bit of omelette, two ickle breakfast sausages, some mushrooms and a Danish pastry. I wasn’t hungry.

I finished The Hard Way quite quickly this morning and got George R R Martin’s A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms out of my case.

Lots of tattoos of various quality were on display today ranging from wonky Japanese characters on the back of someone’s calves, to a big mandala on someone’s back, one of Santorini with traditional swallows and all sorts of big illustrations of dreamcatchers (one of the most pretentious of tattoos imo) semi naked women, flora and fauna.


We went to Ntomatini, a beach front meze restaurant, for lunch. Siggy had yoghurt and honey again, and I had a Santorinian salad with capers, caper leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Clara cheese (like feta) brown rustic croutons, lots of oregano and dried salted white fish. It was very nice to eat but upset my stomach later. Maybe that amount of salt wasn’t a good idea. We got a big slice of watermelon gratis and I’d like to go back for dinner some time.

We’ve got to the point in the holiday where time has become quite elastic and meaningless. It’s a good feeling. We’re generally eating around two o’clock and it takes about an hour given normal slow Greek service. We need to be careful tomorrow as we will be working to a schedule when we visit Oia.

We visited Aqua for dinner. They do pasta, pizza and traditional Greek food.

Siggy chose stuffed vegetables and I opted for the pork chop which are usually massive. It was around 31 degrees this evening, so we started easy with Amstel Radlers which are lemony and only 2% alcohol. The cocktails are 8 Euro and you get crisps, so we made a note to come here for drinks sometime.


The pork chop was indeed big and thoroughly tasty. I did the caveman thing and gnawed on the bone to get all the crispy bits off. Siggy’s stuffed tomato and pepper looked pretty standard. The Grand Prix was on two screens.

We then went to Yazz cocktails and drinks bar further along the beach road towards the mountain. They were playing salsa music rather than ‘The Only Way Is Up’. I opted for beer as opposed to a cocktail – Yellow Donkey by Santorini Brewing Company est 2011 – while in Rome and all that. Siggy opted for a Toblerone frozen cocktail which had kahlua, frangelico, baileys, cream and honey in it. And we got free peanuts (sometimes they give you popcorn instead of nuts at Yazz – I think the beer made it nutty instead of corny cocktails). The beer is proper real ale material with lots of hops.


There’s a catamaran anchored nearby and a couple of smaller yachts. The big yacht with the water slide sailed away this morning.


Later there was live music from an old chap with a guitar and a keyboard – AOR / blues guitar- sort of Eric Clayton / Chris Rea -ish. He did a good version of The Beatles ‘Come Together’.  There’ll be more about this chap, and even a name, in a later post.

Volkan Santorini Blonde is another local brew that I tried when we returned to Aqua for drinks. Volkan Blonde a lava rock filtered pilsner a bit easier on the palette than the Yellow Donkey. It kind of numbed the pain of having to listen to the slowest cover version of ‘Hey Jude’ I’ve ever heard.


It was a terrible shame, but despite the music, now we’ve found a few places that aren’t populated by pricks in Perissa, I’m warming to the place. The only way is indeed up!