The Whales II

Glasnost in Alaska, near Point Barrow
the ice is bare and vicious, the way out is narrow
More than a million dollars and the two superpowers
have helped with the struggle in the darkening hours

Admiral Makarov and Vladimir Arseniev plough through the wall
the pressure ridge that makes the humans look so small
Bonnet and Crossbeak are animated in expectance
the two whales that “didn’t need to be saved” whine

At last, under pressure they go and all breathes are held
Minutes. There they are in the huge white-decked channel
The ice men who had the law to kill the two
clap their hands and stare into the mist pale blue

A last hold-up, as the barnacled bodies are stuck once again
but then it is out to the sea and freedom human sent
No tagging, no tracers to follow the grays’ grey future
but it’s doubtful in the future if we will remember the venture.


Scanability factor set to warp factor zero; this is a sequel to ‘The Whales’ and was written a few nights later when the true story had unfolded. Rejoice and don’t question the porpoise.

More details about the 3 week rescue efforts can be found here:

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