We got the bus at around 10:45 to Koukounaries. We were packed in like sardines. I had some woman’s buttocks pressed either side of my thigh and not in a pleasant way. We got off at the stop that has a gate by it that lets you into the nature reserve area beside the lake at the back of the beach. Lots of grass, trees and reeds but no animal life apart from a couple of crows. 


Koukanaris beach was typically busy despite the cloudy weather and we saw George Michael chilling out with a chum at a water sports cabin. We also saw and heard a noisy cruise boat come in to offload a herd of punters onto the beach. They were playing a cheesy English language dance track and disturbed everyone’s attempt at chilling.


After a short walk on the beach we decided we’d seen enough – familiarity breeds contempt – so in true National Lampoon’s Vacation style we shouted ‘next!’ and bugged outta there. We walked to Banana beach past a big construction site where among the olive trees they were building a resort complex.


The beach was infested with lots of wasps and plink=plink bat and ballers playing under a seriously darkening sky. I was concerned for the nudists on Little Banana beach with all these wasps around.


Then we walked to Agia Eleni beach where we saw the sunset last time we were in Skiathos. It’s nice but the weather was seriously ropey. 


We walked back up the main road stopping off at Big Bad Wolf who didn’t have milkshakes. The waiter seemed unhappy that we had asked, and took ages to dig out a couple of diet cokes while every now and again big drops of rain fell. We only called in so I could use the toilets. Perhaps he’d figured out our game.

Then we walked back down to Under the Pine Tree for cheesy chips and pork gyros. It is literally under a massive pine tree. More wasps were annoying people trying to eat. There’s been a lot of them this time.

By the end of the meal I renamed the cafe Under the Wasps’ Nest. It was ridiculous. They also charged 50 cents for a small pot of mayo and left onions in my gyros despite me asking them to leave them out. Not good. But the gyros meat was okay.

We then walked back to Troulos. Maratha beach was a nice little spot down some well-trodden steps across the road from Skiathos Palace hotel. That’s where the Mercedes with the unicorn was parked.

Maratha beach. Yes I’m wearing my threadbare ‘on a trip’ tee shirt again 🙂

The sun was in and out of clouds for most of the day and it rained a bit in places. As we walked back the rain had evidently been very localised as bits of the road were wet while others were bone dry and there were little rain ‘dents’ in the sand on Maratha beach.

We walked back round the path past Tiffany and Christakis. Saw Chris checking some people into the bungalows – Serbs he told us. I had a Snickers ice cream bar, tried to do a crossword with Siggy on the balcony and then when the sun came back out at around ten to four we went down to the pool.  

At around quarter to five the sky had got darker and darker as more clouds stacked up and we gave up on our attempts at sun bathing. If the clouds could have been forced back by sheer will power alone then we would’ve been fine as Siggy was putting in a King Canute style effort to physically manifest the power of her denial that the weather was basically pretty shit.

We read on the balcony instead. I finished Look At Who It Is by Alan Carr. It’s a very funny autobiography and did literally have me laughing out loud on more than a couple of occasions. 

Typically the sun came out strong and low just as we were getting ready to walk up and down the hill to Agios Paraskevi. We ate dinner early in Kohyli Taverna on the beach side of the main road.

Siggy had pastitsio. I had grilled octopus as a starter and then sporaditiko – stewed lamb with green beans, pepper, onion and parsley. Two large Mythos arrived swiftly compared to Johnny’s.

The octopus was a bit over-cooked but I’d rather that than it be undercooked and give me the squirts. We also had lots of crunchy garlic bread which was nice with lots of olive oil drizzled over it.

The lamb fell off the bone nicely to reveal a ball and socket joint which was a little disconcerting as I couldn’t quite figure out which part of the skeleton it was. The beans were peppery and the roast potatoes blazing hot. Aunt Bessie would be proud. Siggy’s pastitsio was hot and tasty. Unlike at lunch we got a visit from a solitary wasp which buzzed off after we’d swiped at it a few times.

We had some properly mixed cocktails at Iguana Pool Bar. White Russian (properly layered over crushed ice) and a fruity tasting Purple Rain Dance (vodka, peach schnapps, blue curacao, grenadine, lime and Sprite) – both 8 Euros and curiously accompanied by some juicy chunks of orange.

Iguana Pool Bar was lit like a lap dancing club in Amsterdam

We walked back to Victoria in the moonlight with lightning flashing in the sky thankfully so far from where we were we were hard pressed to hear the accompanying thunder. It looks like Victoria has less cocktails than the huge list we tried to work our way through last time, but they still have over twenty to choose from. I had a Green Lady which was a pina colada in disguise (Vodka, Batida de Coco, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice) and Siggy had an Amstel Radler.


How to make a disgusting habit even more disgusting – smoke a cigar. A bloke who was a Heston Blumenthal reject was doing just that again at the bar but at least (unlike last night) he was far enough away for his stench not to reach us too much.

We skirted around Tiffany because there was a Greek dancing night on and went straight to Christakis sports bar to watch the must-win Wales versus Moldova match. Chris told us he has 15 receivers and 20 dishes. They had a quiz on but we weren’t that desperate for entertainment. The increasingly loud thunder served as an interesting backdrop and the place got really busy when it started pissing it down.

The vagueness of the quiz answers was in fact perhaps more entertaining than the football. For instance ‘what was Whams first hit?’ Answer – Wake Me Up (Before you Go go). No! That was Wham’s first number one. Wham’s first hit was Young Guns (Go For It). ‘what are cocker, King Charles and springer?’ Answer – dogs. Yes! No!? They’re types of spaniel!


 The satellite picture corrupted just as Wales scored. The storm obviously was directly in the way of the satellite signal. Then they scored again and we didn’t see that one either. Anyway it was 2:0 that much I do know. I think that means we’re currently second in the group behind Serbia. So we might get though to the finals via the playoffs. I think.

On another screen Lisa Riley was having major surgery removing lose skin after she lost 12 stone of weight. They showed the lumps of flesh being put into a plastic bucket – total gross out.

Fun statistic – I had done 21,340 steps today according to my iPhone. Which was nice.