No I haven’t seen Solo yet. Biggles went to see it without me and slagged it off and I’m trying to avoid anyone else’s opinion before I see it. I guess I’ll get around to seeing it sometime next week. I’ve been busy with work, including a week in Norway and a day in that London. The weather in Norway was amazingly good. Blue skies and hot sun all week:


Not the sort of weather you want to be walking around in a work shirt and black trousers, but it was good to eat al fresco in the evenings. London was foggy and then muggy, commuters were more annoyed than usual because all the train times had changed, and the trip was otherwise unremarkable.

Great post so far, eh? Anyway moving on… I’m currently reading the messy third section of The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe. It’s supposed to be a science fiction classic but I think it’s a bit of a narrative shambles truth be told. My copy is labelled with the Sci Fi Masterworks branding and has a spoiler-ridden introduction by Adam Roberts. It made me fall asleep on the train back from London and I can’t wait to finish it and get on with something more interesting.

Hmmm… okay, so reading’s not rocking my boat at the moment. So let’s talk about television. I enjoyed Peter Kay’s Car Share Unscripted and Peter Kay’s Car Share Finale both missed in real time but watched on BBC iPlayer. I found the unscripted episode rather more fun than the finale, but at least there was some kind of ending to the romantic angle of the mostly car-bound comedy.

On Netflix, I finally finished the pretty rubbish second season of Sense8 and moved on to the very interesting and atmospheric Mindhunter sometimes directed by one of my favourite directors David Fincher (who has ”previous’ with serial killers in the form of Se7en and Zodiac). It’s the story of two FBI agents developing the field of behavioural science in the 19070s by investigating the psychology of murder through interviewing convicted violent criminals, and not for the faint hearted.

I also watched a couple of Tom Hanks films – Spielberg directed cold-war based on a true story drama Bridge of Spies and the lighter A Hologram for the King (both on Netflix). The latter is, like The Circle, based on a Dave Eggers book (but I’ve not read it). The cold-war drama was the better of the two films – atmospheric, tense and Kafkesque at times. A Hologram for the King reminded me a lot of Lost in Translation and not in a good way – I’m sure the book is probably better, but I won’t be reading it to find out, sorry Dave.

Also on Netflix, I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny which was in eye-watering 4K High Def. Donnie Yen from Rogue One stars alongside Michelle Yeoh reprising her role from the original film. It’s an entertaining but rather formulaic martial arts film – a story of revenge, love and digital wire removal and not as good as the original. Donnie Yen’s skills eclipse all the other cast members and there’s rather too much CG for my liking.

On Spotify I’ve almost caught up with the Athletico Mince podcast. It’s a messy collection of vaguely football related stories, musical spots and nuggets of comedy gold from Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson – highly recommended to anyone who likes podcasts and laughing out loud. Adam Buxton is on a bit of a break on his podcast, so I might go back to Richard Herring’s podcast once I’m up to date with the Mincers.

I’ve also really enjoyed listening to two of my favourite singers collaborate on the single ‘Ocean‘ – Alison Goldfrapp and Dave Gahan – their voices work well together and I thought the original final track off Goldfrapp’s excellent Silver Eye album was ‘very Depeche’ so it makes sense to get Dave on the track. It will be featured on the deluxe edition of Silver Eye which will be released next week.